WCF Interview Questions and Answers

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53) What are Styles of models WCF supports?

WCF service supports 2 styles of models –
  • RPC style - In RPC-style we can use the serialize types and it provides the feature that are available for local calls.
  • Message style - Message style WCF allows the message header to be customized and it also allows us to define the security for body and header messages.
54) What are Message Contracts in WCF?

Message is the data which is passed from client to server and vice versa. WCF mainly uses SOAP protocol for sending these messages to and fro. Message Contract can be applied to the class and “MessageHeader” and “MessageBodyMember” attributes are used for custom body and header included in the message. (class)

55) What are the modes of sessions in WCF?
Below are the list of session modes in WCF –
  • Allowed
  • Required
  • Not Allowed
56) What is Durable Service?

These are WCF services which are used to persist the session state and its information even after client restarted the service host. It may use SQL for data storing state information.

57) How to implement Durable Services?

Durable services use “DurableService” attribute which can have attributes – “CanCreateInstance” and “CompletesInstance”.

58) Can we have two-way binding for MSMQ?

Yes we can have two-way bindings for MSMQ.

59) Explain dead letter queues?

Queue does not need to have a continuous connection between client and server. Message will be in queue once client or server puts some data into that and will stay till it has been picked up by client or server. In case that queue has not been picked within given timestamp then it will expire and is called dead letter queues.

60) How to track the service users?

Using “Parameter Inspector” extension we can track WCF service users. We can use methods like – “AfterCall” and “BeforeCall”.

61) How we can manage session in WCF?

Below are the ways to maintain the session in WCF –

  • Per Call
  • Per Session
  • Single

62) What are the main security features used in WCF?

Below are the features used to address security features –

  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication
  • Authorization

63) What are the difference between transport level and message level security?

  • Transport Level Security – It happens at channel level. WCF uses transport like – TCP, HTTP, MSMQ etc. and each of these transports have its own security features.
  • Message Level Security – Here security is at the message level, while transferring the data to and from between client and server.

64) What is OData?

OData or Open Data Protocol is used to access the information exposed by data sources like SQL, Cloud Storage etc. using different clients like – browsers, BI, mobile etc.

65) Explain parts on OData?

Below are the main parts of Odata –

  • OData Data Model
  • OData Protocol
  • OData Service
  • OData Client Libraries

66) Can we call WCF service in Jquery?

Yes we can call WCF service in Jquery that is called WCF data service and this can be called from AJAX call.

67) What are transactions?

It is a group of operations which are executed in whole and it provides a way to logically group pieces and execute them at one shot.

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