.Net Framework Interview Questions and Answers

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9) What is a Managed Code ?

Managed code is code that can be executed and managed by .NET Framework Common Language Runtime. All codes based on the intermediate language(EL) executes as managed code.

10) What is an Assembly ?

Assemblies are self-describing logical unit which consists of one or more files targeted at dot net. An assembly can be stored across single file such as a single DLL or EXE that includes metadata, or it can be stored in multiple files. For example, resource files like meta data, DLL's, and an EXE. Assemblies support versioning.

11) What is Assembly Manifest ?

Part of the assembly which contains assembly meta data that describes the assembly itself is known as manifest. Assembly manifest contains Assembly Name, Version Number, Culture, Strong name, List of files inside the assembly and Reference information.

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12) What are the different types of Assembly ?

The two types of Assemblies are Shared and Private.

13) What is a Private Assembly ?

Private Assemblies are intended to be used by the program for which it is made for. Reason behind this is that, the application will only load private assemblies that are located in the same folder or in the sub folder of the main executable.

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14) What is Shared Assembly ?

Shared Assemblies contain Common Libraries which are intended to be used by multiple applications. While making shared assemblies, name collisions and overwriting existing assemblies need to be taken care. Name Collisions can be taken care by strong name. Global assembly cache can be used to avoid assembly overwriting.

15) How  to view Assembly information ?

By using Ildasm.exe, which is an MSIL Disassembler one can view attributes, references to other modules and assemblies.

16) Where is the assembly version information stored ?

In the Manifest.

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