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Manufacturing Process Of Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is the whitest pigment widely used in the manufacture of paints and enamels. It may be manufactured by two major processes: the chloride and the sulfate process.These processes were compared and the chloride process was selected and analyzed. Titanium dioxide containing feed stock is subjected to high temperature carbo chlorination to produce titanium tetra chloride, which is thereafter converted to titanium dioxide by oxidation.This project involves the studying and collecting all preliminary information required for Titanium dioxide manufacture, generating mass and energy balances for the plant, designing the various equipment used in the plant and estimating the cost involved in setting up the plant.

Process Equipment Design Of Distillation Columns

Distillation columns are very widely used in the chemical and petroleum industries to separate chemical components into more or less pure product streams. This separation is based on differences in “volatilities” (tendencies to vaporize) among various chemical components. For example, a mixture of methanol and water can be separated by distillation because methanol is more volatile or boils at a lower temperature than water. In a distillation column, the more volatile, or lighter, components are removed from the top of the column, and the less volatile, or heavier components are removed from the lower part of the column.

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