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A pantograph is a mechanical linkage connected in a manner based on parallelograms so that the movement of one pen, in tracing an image, produces identical movements in a second pen. If a line drawing is traced by the first point, an identical, enlarged, or miniaturized copy will be drawn by a pen fixed to the other.

Because of their effectiveness at translating motion in a controlled fashion, pantographs have come to be used as a type of motion guide for objects large and small. A common example of the use of a pantograph assembly as mechanical guide frame is the extension arm of an adjustable wall-mounted mirror.

Main Components of Pantograph

  • Base Frame
  • Lower Arm
  • Upper Arm
  • Fourth Arm
  • Pan head
  • Rasing Cylinder
  • Over Geight Detector
  • Air Control Schematic
  • Control panel
  • Air Feed Insulator
  • Foot Insulator

Pantograph Assembly

Different types of pantograph assemblies are

  • Base Assembly
  • Lower arm Assembly
  • 4th Bar Assembly
  • Upper Arm Assembly
  • Pan Head Assembly
  • Air Equipment
  • Raising Cylcle Assembly
  • Foot Insulator

Equipment Hierarchy

Ratings & Specifications

  • Setting of Pressure Switch PS1 : 3.9 Bar (Upper Range) - 1.0 Bar (Lower Range)
  • Setting of Pressure Switch PS2 : 5.0 Bar (Upper Range) - 1.5 Bar (Lower Range)
  • Contact Force : 90 +/- 5 Newton
  • Min. Pre. to Raise Pantograph : 3.9 Bar
  • Min. Pre. to Maintain 90N Con. Pre. : 5.5 Bar
  • Raising Time of Pantograph : 3 +/- 2 Sec.
  • Lowering Time of Pantograph : 4 +/- 2 Sec.

Precautions While Working on Pantograph

  • Pantograph should be lowered
  • Overhead line should be properly de-energied & earthed
  • Safety belt should be used while working on pantograph
  • Availability of compressed air supply is needed in near by

General Maintenance Of Pantograph

  • Cleaning, Inspection & Re- greasing of InsulatorĀ 
  • Inspection of Upper Arm
  • Inspection of Base Frame
  • Inspection of Lower Arm
  • Inspection of Pantograph Head
  • Inspection of 4th Bar Assembly
  • Inspection of Air Equipment
  • Cleaning, Inspection & Re-greasing of Elbow Chain
  • Checking & Re-greasing of Exposed Threads & BearingsĀ 
  • Inspection of Lower Arm Flexible Connectors
  • Inspection of Pantograph Head Shunt Assembly
  • Inspection of Pantograph Movement

Lubricants Required For Pantograph

Lubricant/GreaseWhere it is Used
Bicc BX-1 Conductive Mating Surfaces
Grease Shell Albida R2 & Alternatives: Esso Beacon 2 Bearings,Grease Nipples and general protection
Rockoil 410 Elbow Chains
Dow Corning DC4 Silicon Protective Grease Insulator Surfaces

Please go through the attached document for the systems AutoCAD drawings.
Download this file (Pantograph.pdf)Pantograph[Project report]1281 Kb

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