Mechanical Engineering Projects

We provides latest 2013 - 2014 Mini and Main Mechanical Engineering Projects, Project Ideas, Project Topics for final Year Mechanical and Automobile Engineering Students with Abstract, Source Code and Reports on Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Fluid mechanics. Project reports are provided at the end of each article.

Refrigeration Tutor

Objective of this mechanical project is to perform test on the refrigeration tutor to determine different COPs and other performance parameters.

Solar PV Panel Installation

The objective of this report is to implement a solar electrical system and to provide ample information about installation of PV Panel. This report contains introductory information on solar energy application, Installation Calculation, Electric Connections, grid system, Measuring instruments, experimental setup and experimental result. For installation of PV Panel, There are many calculation to get better efficiency which is explained in detail in the following sections. Location of PV Panel is based on daily system energy requirement.

Solar Aluminum Tubular Air Heater

As fossil fuels are fast depleting in this world, there is a need to preserve these sources and use renewable sources of energy like solar energy wherever needed. This demand has been sufficed by many especially those in developing countries. The cost-effective and light weight solar collectors are one of the many solar run devices that are being currently used worldwide.

Microchannel Heat Exchanger as Evaporator

Heat exchanger is a process equipment designed for the effective transfer of heat energy between two fluids; hot fluid and a coolant. The purpose may be either to remove heat from a fluid or to add heat to a fluid. Micro-channel Heat exchanger tube is one such heat exchanger in which the working fluid flows through a plurality of passages with hydraulic diameter less than few mm (typically 0.2 to 0.01mm).  Project Report is attached at the end of this Mechanical Project Topic.

Energy from busy roads

This project developed a new alternative energy system that harvests mechanical energy imparted to roadways, railways and runways from passing vehicles and trains and converts it into green electricity. The objective of this project is to generate energy from the moving traffic on the road. Horizontal roller is connected with the dynamo. Whenever vehicles passes through the road, horizontal roller will move, dynamo will convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generated electrical energy is used to charge DC battery. During the night time street lights are run through the charged DC Battery. Photovoltaic cells have been used to sense the light of the surroundings. During the night time it gives signal to turn on Street Light.


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is one of the technologies used to control a machining operation via computer program. Most commonly used key computerized machine tools available in the industry are CNC Turning (Lathe) machine and CNC Milling machine. CNC helps to improve productivity by increasing the speed machine parts are produced, provides uniform quality across all products, better finishing by providing accuracy in dimensions, reduce complexity in manufacturing complex parts and reduce scrap. Drawback with CNC are huge initial investment and need for highly skilled operator to manage the system. Coordinate system is used for shaping metals, the cutting tool should move in contact with the work piece at certain specific points, while the work piece or cutting tool is rotating. Two types of Coordinate systems are Cartesian and Polar.


 Our paper examines the capability of several energy conversion processes to provide sufficient energy in a world where the non-renewable resources are getting depleted.Moreover pollution caused by them is increasing at a rapid rate. One such efficient and non-polluting means of running the vehicles is the use of liquid nitrogen. To use liquid nitrogen as a non-polluting fuel, a multiple reheat open Rankine and a closed Brayton cycle are used. As a proof of the principle of using liquid nitrogen as a fuel, an automobile was converted to run on liquid nitrogen in 1997. Earlier work has shown that the energy available by operating various thermodynamic cycles between atmospheric temperatures and liquid nitrogen temperatures can provide more energy per unit mass than is available from current lead acid batteries.

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