Automatic Vehicle Parking And Hacking Intimation

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The aim of our project "Automatic Vehicle Parking And Hacking Intimation" was to implement the automatic parking of a vehicle. It also involves the parking as well as the hacking intimation. Upon reaching the entrance of the parking section, the owner gets of the vehicle. After getting to know about the free slot displayed in the LCD, the owner types the free slot number. The vehicle is then directed to the free slot. A message is then sent to the owner regarding its safe parking. If the case of hacking, the sensors attached to the vehicle gets activated. Sensor sends the Hacking information to the owner.

Due to the increase in the number of vehicles on the road, traffic problems are bound to exist. This is due to the fact that the current transportation infrastructure and car park facility developed are unable to cope with the influx of vehicles on the road. To alleviate the above mentioned problems, the smart card parking system has been developed. With the implementation of the parking system, a person can easily locate and secure a vacant parking space at any car park deemed convenient to them. In this car parking system, there are two sections, one is allocating a slot for parking and another is hacking system. The present design deals with a display board which shows a vacancy slot for a car together with a message displaying, car parked safely after parking. If an intruder tries to hack the vehicle, the owner is intimated about it.

This system is effectively in use in most of the European countries and many of the American states. This design is mainly comprised of low manual operation as well as efficient equipment which can be installed in any of the commercial, industrial, apartments, institutions/universities ,etc. Hence it is a low cost apparatus as it mainly uses a micro controller which is programmable, which is easy to install in any of the above places mentioned. This project can be used in companies and shopping malls. Here we assume that some vehicle has to be parked in some slot, it becomes difficult to search each vacant slots in each floor. The block diagram consists of two sections.The parking section and the vehicle section. Power supply is required for the working of various components.Thus a rectifier circuit together with the 7805 regulator is used for this purpose.

In this project we have a display board, which shows the information about vacant slots in each floor.Display section is the main part of this project. Display system used here is a 16 * 2 LCD. Liquid Crystal Displays consumes less power and it is cheaply available. This vacancy is sensed by IR Reflectance Module which is placed in the parking slot.The vacant slot is displayed according to the priority concept.Once the vacant slot is known then the code for it is typed in the mobile of the owner which is then decoded using the DTMF decoder. The DTMF signals from the mobile is decoded using the decoder IC MT8870.Here the owner presses the code for entrance or exit in the mobile.This DTMF signal from the mobile is then sent to the IC MT8870 which decodes it into its corresponding binary codes.This is then given to the microcontroller which then performs the entrance or exit action according to the program.

Please go through the attached report for complete design and implementation.

Download this file (Automatic Vehicle Parking And Hacking Intimation.pdf)Automatic Vehicle Parking And Hacking Intimation[Project Report]9423 Kb

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