3d Trilateration And Modeling

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This ECE project aims to design and implement "3D TRILATERATION AND MODELLING",i.e., a 3D canvas on which the artist can draw using trilaterated coordinates. The system calculates the 3D coordinates of a point in space as per the user requirement accurately and reliably by an embedded system using sensors located at different distances. The received data is calculated to get the coordinates which is then finally transmitted to the computer where a custom program reads the data received. All the modules are strongly interacted to allow the artist to wave a transmitter (a user friendly setup or shape) around in space and see their movements translated into various projections on the computer and plots it into a 3D plane. The system would be ideal for 3D modeling and design and in a variety of fields. we wanted to build something that relied on many aspects of our education such as analog and digital circuits, signal processing, computer programming, peripheral communication, and high-level coding to name a few.

We decided to design and implement a system 3D TRILATERATION AND MODELLING that is a 3D canvas on which the artist can draw using trilateration coordinates from ultrasonic delays. There were basically three primary components involved with in the system: an embedded processing unit, and a system program that would process the information and plot the data on 3D plane. All these equipments are utilized in efficient way so as to allow the person to draw using pen or some easy to use shape, in space and we can see these movements which were translated in an interactive animated plot. With this idea in our mind,several ideas bloomed among us on how we can implement the system .An exhaustive study related to the topic was done and we learned about means and methods to achieve our goals and started our work in that direction.

The major task in the project is to accurately determine the point in space where the user is pointing or we can say that the point which he or she wants to display accurately on the screen. The system calculates the point in space which the user wishes to plot. The system is to facilitate the rapid acquisition of data and to plot the same. This job was tasked to an embedded system because of its inherent ability to interface with analog hardware and communication with a PC. Computer program uses the information to plot xyz-coordinates on a fully functional GUI using Python. By interfacing with Python software we wish we could display the plot in high quality that are perfect for exporting. As Python employs a very user friendly GUI and receive visual feedback to user on what they are drawing. The user could look around their plot. 

A variety of useful modes for plotting specific figures are also under consideration if time permits. The project would be of much help to creative persons draw 3D figures in a very interactive way. This can be used for 3D modeling for animation purposes and would definitely save human effort cost and much more using the traditional approach of modeling with computers. In the education field educators can use it to effectively demonstrate the complex figures in academics just by installing user computers with the custom program. Overall we feel our hard work would be an innovation that would have the prospect of improving the work flow in many fields. With many more improvements which we feel confident on implementing, provided time permits would make it a perfect complete system with much more advancements. The system has a huge prospect of application as it is and could be extended to newer and better horizons.

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