Home Based Wireless Health Monitoring System

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This Electronics Project on Home Based Wireless Health Monitoring System give a detailed insight into design and implementation of the system. Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the medical field. The development of biomedical engineering is responsible for improving healthcare diagnosis ,monitoring and therapy. The novel idea behind Health line is to provide quality health service to one and all.The idea is driven by the vision of a cable free biomedical monitoring system. On body sensors monitor the vital parameters (blood pressure, ECG, temperature and heart beat rate) and transmits the data to doctors end via wireless communication network. Periodic health monitoring (or preventative care) allows people to discover and treat health problems early, before they have consequences. Especially for risk patients and long term applications, such a technology offers more freedom, comfort, and opportunities in clinical monitoring.

The very idea of the health line is to provide service to community. Chronic diseases have a significant influence on healthcare costs and are common among people. Changes in demographic structure and lack of health and social care personnel force us to study new innovations, which could oer a relief to these challenges. Seniors have to make frequent visits to their doctor to get their vital signs measured. Regular monitoring of vital signs is essential as they are primary indicators of an individual's physical well being. These vital signs include:

1. Pulse rate

2. Blood pressure

3. Body temperature

4. ECG etc.

The goal of the main project is to develop a low cost, low power, reliable, non-intrusive,and non-invasive vital signs monitor which collect different type of body parameters and the sampled parameters are wireless transmitted to a health care professional.The main part of our project is to design and build a sensing and data conditioning system to acquire accurate heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, and body temperature readings. After processing of data we have to find a proper method of transmission and signal display.

The scope of this project is to build a device for individuals over the age of 65 years. This limitation is added to simplify our project and ensure it is achievable with the restricted time and resources available. Since the target subjects for this device are individuals over 65 years of age, the most important feature of this device is that it must be easy to use.The methodology adopted for this project is to use non-invasive sensors to measure heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, and body temperature. The sensors used are inexpensive and are easy to use by the patient. Signal conditioning circuits are designed to filter and amplify the signals to provide desired output. All the components used in these circuits are low powered and inexpensive. The acquired data is sent to PC of health care professional after analog-to-digital conversion (ADC).

Please go through the attached presentation for more info

Download this file (Home Based Wireless Health Monitoring System.pdf)Home Based Wireless Health Monitoring System[Project Report]1640 Kb

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