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We provides latest 2013 - 2014 Mini and Main Electronics Projects, Communication Projects, Project Ideas, Project Topics based on IEEE  papers for Engineering (ECE), MCA, MSc Electronics , BSc Electronics final Year Engineering Students with Abstract, Source Code and Reports. Project reports are provided at the end of each article.

Advanced vehicle security system with theft control with GSM and GPS

Initially passive systems were developed to support in tracking and navigation for location-based applications. For the applications that require real time location information of the vehicle, these systems cannot be employed, because they store the location information in the internal storage that can only be accessed when vehicle is available. This is the main disadvantage of the existing method.

GSM Based Patient Monitoring System

In spite of the improvement of communication link and despite all progress in advanced communication technologies, There is still very few functioning commercial Wireless Monitoring Systems, which are most off-line, and there are still a number of issues to deal with. Therefore, there is a strong need for investigating the possibility of design and implementation of an interactive real-time wireless communication system. In our project, a generic real-time wireless communication system was designed and developed for short and long term GSM Based remote patient monitoring applying wireless protocol.

3D Flash LIDAR Video Camera

In this Electronics and Communication project, we demonstrate for the first time a proof-of-concept multi-target detection, segmentation, and tracking system using a commercially available 3D Flash LIDAR video camera. The system will accomplish the detection, segmentation, and tracking of multiple stationary and non-stationary human-sized objects which are arranged on a roughly planar surface. We have used a combination of fundamental point cloud video processing algorithms to illustrate our proof-of-concept. Since point cloud video sequences depicting moving objects are relatively uncommon, we will first discuss important considerations for dealing with this data type.

FPGA based hand gesture recognition system for deaf and dumb

In our society we have people with disabilities. Even if the technology is developing day by day no significant developments are undertaken for the betterment of these people. We have thus planned to create a product as a part of our project. In future it may become a widely used technology for helping the handicapped people. We aim for developing an FPGA based hand gesture recognition system for establishing communication between the deaf and the dumb people.

Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is defined as "Radio in which some or all of the physical layer functions are software defined". SDR defines a collection of hardware and software technologies where some or all of the radios operating functions (also referred to as physical layer processing) are implemented through modifiable software or firmware operating on programmable processing technologies. It is a radio that has the ability to be transformed through the use of software or re-definable logic. They have the ability to go beyond simple single channel, single mode transceiver technology with the ability to change modes arbitrarily because the channel bandwidth, rate, and modulation are all flexibly determined through software. It takes an AM/FM modulated signal from a common RF front end, down convert to baseband frequency and then demodulates it.

GRIDNET - Powerline Communication

This project is about GRIDNET - Powerline Communication over the low-voltage grid, which has interested several researchers and utilities during the last decade, trying to achieve higher bit-rates and more reliable communication over the power lines. In the last decade there was a large growth in small communication networks in the home & in the office places. Several computers & their peripherals interconnected together resulting the network to expand globally to the state of Internet.A number of networking technologies are invented which purely concentrates on home networks. But users are limited due to its nature of high cost. Some are over engineered or difficult to install in per-existing buildings. This report is based on one such communication medium, which has a very high potential growth. i.e, the power line, which give rise to power line carrier communication.

Automatic Vehicle Parking And Hacking Intimation

The aim of our project "Automatic Vehicle Parking And Hacking Intimation" was to implement the automatic parking of a vehicle. It also involves the parking as well as the hacking intimation. Upon reaching the entrance of the parking section, the owner gets of the vehicle. After getting to know about the free slot displayed in the LCD, the owner types the free slot number. The vehicle is then directed to the free slot. A message is then sent to the owner regarding its safe parking. If the case of hacking, the sensors attached to the vehicle gets activated. Sensor sends the Hacking information to the owner.

VHDL Implementation Of CDMA System

This Electronics Project discuss design and implementation of VHDL Implementation Of CDMA System. The DS - CDMA is expected to be the major medium access technology in the future mobile systems owing to its potential capacity enhancement and the robustness against noise. The CDMA is uniquely featured by its spectrum-spreading randomization process employing a pseudo-noise (PN) sequence, thus is often called the spread spectrum multiple access (SSMA). As different CDMA users take different PN sequences, each CDMA receiver can discriminate and detect its own signal, by regarding the signals transmitted by other users as noise- like interference's. 

WheelChair Motion Control Using Eye Gaze and Blinks

It is estimated that, disabled and elderly people who need a wheelchair are to be over 100 million worldwide. A lot of these disabled cannot use the traditional wheelchairs as users may have restricted limb movements. Many alternative control methods have been developed.Even though, the eye tracking control offers a more natural mode to guide the wheelchair, it is omitted because users are normally not allowed to look around during motion. The aim of our project,WheelChair Motion Control Using Eye Gaze and Blinks is to develop a new method that allows the user to look around freely while the wheelchair navigates automatically to the desired goal point. 

Control Of Environmental Parameters In A Green House

In this project, we will have a look at Control Of Environmental Parameters In A Green House. Agriculture is the source of food supply in the world. So, proper care has to be taken for improving the yield with minimum usage of the available resources such as water, energy etc. The project focuses on the development in the agricultural sector with minimum water usage and the excellent utilization of the solar energy.The main parameters of agriculture are rain,temperature,wind and soil moisture which are found with the of sensors. The output of these sensors are send to the PIC through RF module. The PIC in turn activates the control unit. The control unit consist of exhaust fan, valve and shield. The following are the operations taking place

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