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Latest 2013-2014 final year Computer Science projects, Mini projects, IEEE Project Topics, Project Ideas for CSE, I.T Engineering , MCA, MSc students with Abstract, Source Code, Reports in C, Java, .Net, PHP and Android. Project reports are provided at the end of each article.

Data Structures and Algorithms Visualization Tool

Data Structures and Algorithms is a fundamental course in Computer Science. However, many students find it difficult because it requires abstract thinking. The best way to understand complex data structures is to see them in action. . It would be very helpful if there was a visualization tool of data structures such as arrays, queues, stacks, trees and graphs for students to experiment with. This project is intended to create such an exploration environment, in which students can learn through experimentation. We've developed interactive animations for a variety of data structures and algorithms. Our visualization tool is written in Java using Swing, and runs well under OS X, most flavors of Linux, and most flavors of Windows.

Scene Animation System Project

A single picture conveys a lot of information about the scene, but it rarely conveys the scene’s true dynamic nature. A video effectively does both but is limited in resolution. Off-the-shelf camcorders can capture videos with a resolution of 720 * 480 at 30 fps, but this resolution pales in comparison to those for consumer digital cameras, whose resolution can be as high as 16 Mega Pixels. Video textures is the perfect solution for producing arbitrarily long video sequences if only very high resolution camcorders exist. Chuang et al system  is capable of generating compelling-looking animated scenes, but there is a major drawback: Their system requires a considerable amount of manual input. Furthermore, since the animation is specified completely manually, it might not reflect the true scene dynamics. We use a different tack that bridges video textures and Chuang et al system. We use as input a small collection of high resolution stills that (under-)samples the dynamic scene. This collection has both the benefit of the high resolution and some indication of the dynamic nature of the scene (assuming that the scene has some degree of regularity in motion). We are also motivated by a need for a more practical solution that allows the user to easily generate the animated scene.

Data Leakage Detection

Data leakage is defined as the accidental or unintentional distribution of private or sensitive data to unauthorized entity. Sensitive data of companies and organizations includes intellectual property (IP), financial information, patient information, personal credit card data, and other information depending on the business and the industry. Furthermore, in many cases, sensitive data is shared among various stakeholders such as employees working from outside the organizational premises (e.g., on laptops), business partners and customers. This increases the risk of confidential information falling into unauthorized hands. Whether caused by malicious intent, or an inadvertent mistake, by an insider or outsider, exposed sensitive information can seriously hurt an organization. The potential damage and adverse consequences of a data leak incident can be classified into the following two categories: direct and indirect loss.

Routino Router Algorithm

Routino application is used to find the route between two points using topographical information collected by Open Street Map. Fundamental part of the algorithm is to find all the possible routes from start to end point. Router uses The router uses speed limits,barriers,gates,highway restrictions in their algorithm to produce accurate results. While this method does work, it is not a fast Improved Algorithm. It describes the simplest way to do this is to follow all possible segments from the starting node to the next nearest node (an intermediate node in the complete journey). For each node that is reached store the shortest route from the starting node and the length of that route. The list of intermediate nodes needs to be maintained in order of shortest overall route on the assumption that there is a straight line route from here to the end node. At each point the intermediate node that has the shortest potential overall journey time is processed before any other node. From the first node in the list follow all possible segments and place the newly discovered nodes into the same list ordered in the same way.


A robot is an automatically guided machine, able to do tasks on its own. Another common characteristic is that by its appearance or movements, a robot often conveys a sense that it has intent or agency of its own. Teleoperation indicates operation of a machine at a distance. It is similar in meaning to the phrase "remote control" but is usually encountered in research, academic and technical environments.Our project involves the design and setup of a PC controlled miniaturized robotic car. The robotic version of the car can be remotely monitored and controlled. The movement of the car is controlled by the input devices of the PC such as the keyboard. The arrow keys of the keyboard is used specifically to control the movement of the car.

Data Recovery and Undeletion using RecoverE2

     RecoverE2 is a software for data recovery and undeletion in ext2 file system.  Aim of this project is to recover accidentally deleted files from ext2 file system. When a file is deleted from a computer it is not deleted immediately , instead OS marks the blocks, inode and directory entries associated with the file as unallocated. So if the blocks remain unallocated to newly created files we can recover it. The main features include versatile recovery filter that helps recover required files only and also facility to write the name and the associated inode of each file that is deleted to a log file.

Travel Planner using Genetic Algorithm

This project is about an application used by the Traveling Salesman, given a finite number of cities(I have chosen cities from 1 to a finite number) along with the distance of travel (distance between two cities is randomly chosen) between each pair of them, The aim is to find the shortest distance between the cities and returning to the starting point.In the Traveling Salesman Problem, the goal is to find the shortest distance between N different cities. The path that the salesman takes is called a tour.   A genetic algorithm can be used to find a solution is much less time. Although it might not find the best solution, it can find a near perfect solution for a 100 city tour in less than a minute.

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