Online Car Rental Project

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In today’s world, online business is making great strides and other industry which is on the rise is car rental industry. This project is a study on Online car rental industry. The client hires a Limo Cab for rent via telephone operator or customer walk in. This Project is an honest attempt to digitize the whole Limo cabs car rental ordering system, via which Limo cabs will be able to take rental request from customers online and track the order with driver updates.


Running an online business requires flexible tools that are of cutting edge technology. An online car rental system is being developed which can be used to search and hire vehicles online. Both the customer and the owner would be beneficial with the use of this website which helps them to commence their transaction in a better, consistent and reliable manner.

This application will provide a range of vehicles that belong to different categories of customers. The site will change the business domain of the client from local to international. Customer from all over the world can search and browse for the available vehicles, a customer can select a vehicle and place an order and make a payment to hire the selected vehicle.

Proposed System

The proposed solution was to create an online car rental system with an integrated web of Car information that will help to decrease the time taken to allocate car. The Car rental project contains four main modules. They are

  • Enroll car and driver information.
  • Client Registration
  • Display car information and availability
  • Purchase car for rent

Objectives of this Project:

  • Make a Web that can act as information bureau for online customers
  • Reduce resource attending Customer enquiry.
  • Reduce Customer slippages that in turn will increase in revenue
  • Inform the business owner about the reservation.
  • Accept the payment and send the same to author.

Data Flow Diagram

Online Car Rental Data Flow

Stages of Software development: Agile Methodology

  • Initial modeling planning and organization - In this phase we visited the client’s place which is Limo cab, investigated and collected the requirements. In this stage, we interviewed related executive and analyzed the business model, business roadmap and Technology Roadmap.
  • In the first two sprints, we are going to collect requirement and prioritize the requirement. We understood the need of the hour and also we got a chance to understand the future enhancement of this product
  • Iteration Planning: We worked with Limo Cabs executive to prioritize the module and select the work.

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