Prescription Viewer App - A Miniproject Using Android System

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For medication therapy to be effective, it is critical that the patient take their medicine on an effective schedule. Taking their medicine correctly is medication adherence and is vital for the medicine to produce its maximal benefit. For healthcare professionals, understanding the drug’s action is a major part of their clinical training. However, from a patient’s perspective, many times incorrect, and possibly, erroneous information drug prevails, creating negative atmosphere for medication adherence. Prescription Viewer App is an easy to use medication management app which helps you to monitor and keep track of your medication. It is an android app which helps you to view your medication anytime, anywhere through your phone. A website is created for the doctor to enter the prescription details. The prescription is then sent to the Prescription Viewer App, installed in the patient’s phone, using Google cloud messaging (GCM). The app stores the prescription and displays it in the patient’s phone.


A website has been developed for entering the prescription details which is sent to the Prescription Viewer App present in the patient’s phone using Google Cloud Messaging. Three people have access to the website – Admin, Doctor and Receptionist. They can access the website by logging in using their respective username and password. The admin controls the website. New Doctor accounts are created by the admin. The receptionist enters the details of the patients into the website when the patients visit the hospital for the first time. A patient is registered under a particular doctor. The doctor can view the details of his patients. The doctor enters the prescription details into the website and it is sent to the patient’s phone.

The patient’s phone registers with the GCM service by sending the sender id to the GCM server. The server registers the phone and sends back the registration id. Then the phone sends the registration id along with the patient’s name and email address to the website. The website stores the registration id, email address and name in a separate table. After entering the prescription details the doctor click the send button. The email address of the patient is compared with the email ids stored in the new table and the corresponding registration ids are found out. Then the prescription details are sent via the GCM server to the patient’s phone. The application in the phone displays the prescription details.

Technologies Used
  • java, php :- For back end developement
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript :- Front end developement
  • MySql :- Database
Download this file (Prescription Viewer app.pdf)Prescription Viewer app.pdf[Project Report]457 Kb