Gram-Based Fuzzy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud Computing

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Computer Science Projects on Fuzzy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud Computing based on Wild-card and Gram-based scheme Since the cloud is not trusted, the data should be stored in an encrypted form at the server. But the problem is how to query the encrypted data efficiently. Data encryption also demands the protection of keyword privacy since keywords usually contain important information related to the data files. Although encryption of keywords can protect keyword privacy.

In our project, we propose fuzzy keyword search scheme based on the following techniques

  • Wild card based scheme
  • Gram based scheme 

Detailed Design is shown in the figure below

fuzzy keyword search Design

We create user-friendly screens for the data entry to handle large volume of data. The main goal of designing input is to make data entry easier and to be free from errors. The data entry screen is designed in such a way that all the data manipulate operations for the effective searching of encrypted data can be performed. It also provides record viewing facilities. Data can be entered with the help of screens. The output of the fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data meets the requirements of the end user and presents the appropriate search results effectively.

The scheme used for encrypting secret key and data is Data Encryption Standard (DES). DES Encryption in C# using namespace System.Security.Cryptography

encrypting secret key

- The System.Security.Cryptography namespace provides cryptographic services, including secure encoding and decoding of data, as well as many other operations, such as hashing, random number generation, and message authentication.

Fuzzy keyword generation

Wild-card based technique

For example, for the keyword CASTLE with the pre-set edit distance 1, its wildcard based fuzzy keyword set can be constructed as 


  • Substitution :  changing one character to another in a  word
  • Deletion :  deleting one character from a word
  • Insertion:  inserting a single character into a word

Gram-based technique

  • The gram of a string is a substring that can be used as a signature for efficient approximate search
  • we use gram for matching purpose

We design two advanced techniques (i.e., wildcard based and gram based techniques) to construct the storage efficient fuzzy keyword sets by exploiting two significant observations on the similarity metric of edit distance. Through security analysis, we show that our proposed solution is secure and privacy preserving, while correctly realizing the goal of fuzzy keyword search.

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