MySQL to DSpace Data Mapping

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This project is used for data mapping from MySQL to DSpace. DSpace is an open source repository software package typically used for creating open access repositories for scholarly and/or published digital content. While DSpace shares some feature overlap with content management systems and document management systems, the DSpace repository software serves a specific need as a digital archives system, focused on the long term storage, access and preservation of digital content.

DSpace is a platform which allows system to capture items in any of the following format – Text, video, audio. It indexes and distributes the captured items (Journal papers,Electronic theses, Project Reports,Conference posters,Videos and Images) over the web so that users can search and retrieve the items. It helps to preserve the digital work for a longer duration. Typical use of DSpace is there use as an institutional repository. Key roles of DSpace are

  • Make easy capture of materials and their metadata
  • Make sure that materials are easily access by listing and searching
  • Ensure long term preservation of the materials

Key advantages of using DSpace are

  • Ensuring that results of the research reaches a bigger worldwide audience by exposing them to search engines like Bing,Google, yahoo etc
  • Storing reusable teaching materials that you can use with course management systems 
  • Archiving and distributing material you would currently put on your personal website 
  • Storing student projects with consent
  • Showcasing student theses and seminars with consent
  • Keeping track of ones articles via version management 
  • Having a persistent network identifier for your work, that never changes or breaks 

 DSpace Foundation was formed in 2007 as a non profit organization to provide support to the growing community of institutions that use DSpace. The foundation’s mission is to lead the collaborative development of open source software to enable permanent access to digital works. This foundation aims to

  • Development and management of a strong network of service providers and training resources
  • Promotion of DSpace using news letters, website update and marketing materials
  • Identify,create and encourage an active community of developers and users
  • Smooth integration of DSpace using open standards
  • Create and Manage DSpace road map and software releases

MySQL is free relational database management system (RDBMS) under General Public License (GPL) License. By mapping and managing DSpace data to MySQL, this projects intents to deliver a high performance system which can respond fast to search engine requests and archive data in an efficient way.

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