Software agent for Softwares

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Software agent is a computer program that is capable of intelligently and autonomously executing a given task based on the instructions provided by the user. In our project we make use of software agent to obtain the details of software specified by the client. The promise of software agents - software that acts on your behalf. We employ the match template functions of OpenCV to match a particular template with a screenshot. This method will return the coordinates of the location of the region that is compared. Finally, to click the respective region, Xaut is devised. Using the mouse functions of Xaut, it is possible to move the cursor to the specific location and click buttons to obtain the details of the desired software. A software agent is a piece of software that acts for a user or other program in a relationship of agency, an agreement to act on one's behalf. The idea is that agents are not strictly invoked for a task, but activate themselves. Software agent is actually a software that acts on your behalf. Here we employs opencv technology, xaut library. Opencv is free for use. The library is cross platform. It focuses mainly on real time image processing. Xaut is actually Xautomation, which input output function.

OpenCV is an Image Processing library created by Intel and maintained by Willow Garage. It is available for C, C++, and Python. It is Open Source, free, Easy to use and install. Different OpenCV functions are

  • (row, col) - This function returns pointer to image location
  • Mat.channels  - This function returns the number of channels
  • Mat.clone - This function returns a deep copy of the image
  • Mat.create( rows, cols, TYPE) -  This function reallocate new memory to matrix
  • Mat.cross (<Mat>) - This function computes cross product of two matrices
  • Mat.depth - This function returns data type of matrix
  • (<Mat>) - This function computes the dot product of two
  • Mat(Range(x min,x max),Range(y min,y max)) - This function returns sub image
  • Mat.type - This function returns the TYPE of a matrix
  • Mat.begin - This function moves Mat iterator to beginning of image
  • Mat.end - This function moves Mat iterator to end of image

All original functions and classes of the C standard OpenCV components in the Bradski book are still available and current. However you will need to read that book for it. OpenCV allows you to use the mouse to interact with the screen. Note that this feature is from OpenCV 1.0 and is compatible with Mat objects.

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