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A Robot is an electronic device intended to perform a desired function. Robotics is one of the trendy branches of engineering which involves or deals with the design manufacture, application, and structural disposition of robots. We are witnessing stunning advancements in Robotics in every moment of this technological era. As a result of these advancements in Robotics, many interesting robotic forms have evolved. The word "Robot" originates from the Czech word for forced labor. They are designed with a primary motive of making human life simpler by solving critical problems, by working in risky environment or by performing a difficult task which require high speed and high degree of accuracy etc. Robots found their place in variety of applications-from manufacturing industries to defense and even critical space explorations. This shows the influence of Robotics and Robots in this modern world.

The aim of this project named Spybot is to create a remotely controlled robotic car with multiple functionalities. The car is connected to a computer via a wireless module and communicates with the system using radio frequency signals. The car can be controlled automatically using an artificial intelligence concept or through manual control. In the manual control mode the car can be controlled by using a user friendly interface .the interface contains the forward, backward left and right button clicking of any of them would simulate a separate back end program that would send signals to the car to move accordingly. The artificial intelligence mode had the dimensions of the area to traverse predefined. It asks for a matrix number which is the order of the square matrix to which it is to be converted to. After the order is given the back-end program converts the area into the matrix. The user should also specify the cells corresponding to which obstacles may be present. The program creates a map with all the possible paths to the destination which is the other diagonal of the matrix and the car automatically traverse through the destination in the shortest path available. This robotic system has multiple uses in the field of security monitoring; reaching inaccessible places in construction wreaks, to find faults in pipes and in defense. The camera module attached to the robot enables real time surveillance of the field making it an indisputably efficient security system.

Most commercial level robots developed inculcating the concepts of Teleoperation are usually highly expensive. In our project we developed a teleoperable robot linked to the PC and controlled through the PC but at the same time is cost efficient. The movement of the robot is solely controlled by the PC to which it is linked. Our project employs the use of an ordinary remote car to act as the remotely operable robot that the PC controls. This drastically reduces the cost requirements along without sacrificing any of the necessary characteristics of a teleoperable robot. The robot can be controlled by the arrow keys of the keyboard of the PC. The robot is remotely linked to the PC via its RS232 port.

In our project we have developed an interfacing module solely for the control of the robot through the RS232 port. This module is an independent module along with the application software installed in the PC for its working. Thus this same module can be used for interfacing different varieties of devices with only minimal changes for the system, thus providing the addition of further features to the robot easily. The application in the PC for the robot control can be easily accessed over a PC in the network and thus the robot can be controlled through another PC located elsewhere. The addition of a video streaming camera provides a further increase in the possibilities of the robot by increasing its accessibility. The most remarkable feature is that these characteristics can be enabled economically.

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