Retrieve code of tag and card using a RFID reader

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The project intelligent accessories  is all about retrieving code of tag and card using a RFID reader based on a RFID technology. and to fetch corresponding data from a database and send this data as a message to a number mentioned in the database, as output. The languages we have used for accomplishing this task are PYTHON and MySQL. PYTHON is an interpreter, general purpose high level programming language its use of indention for block delimiters is unique among popular programming languages. PYTHON is often used as a scripting language but is also used in a wide range of non scripting contexts.

In order to avoid long queues in grocery store, Universal Product Code (UPC) bar code should be replaced by labels called radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. RFID tags are intelligent bar codes that can communicate to a central system to track every product a customer puts  in their shopping cart. Now coming to technology aspect, RFID is a small chip or tag that reads radio waves used for identification purposes. Advantage of RFID Tags is that it does not have to be in line of vision. It can be attached or implanted in consumer products, animals or even human beings suffering from various diseases like Alzheimer's. 

RFID Architecture

RFID Architecture

 Now let us have a look at the internal working of the system. RFID identification system consists of mainly three parts. They are Antennae, Processor and a storage device. Antennae receives signal from reader and gives a return signal with ID number. Reader sends the unique number to the database. 

RFID tags can be classified in to three. They are 

  • Active - These tag process high signal strength. A signal from a RFID tag can be detected from a distance of 100 feet. Another advantage is that signal strength required to read the tags is very low. They are used to detect Railway cars on a track.
  • Semi Passive - Compared to active tags, RFID signal strength is low and signal required by the reader is bit high compared active ones.
  • Passive - Signal strength of passive tags is in the range of 10 feet. Compared to other two, these tags have very low signal strength and reader should have high signal strength to detect the signal. Passive tags are mainly used in retail Stores.

Disadvantages of RFID are mainly due to hacking. RFID Frequencies can be intercepted by hackers due to novelty of technology. For some system which needs to track an ID longer than 100 feet, range becomes an issue.

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