EYEOS Twitter Client

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Twitter Client is a front end for working with Twitter server. The project deals with creating a Twitter Client in eyeOS using the server side scripting language called PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). EyeOS is a newly emerging powerful, open-source cloud computing web desktop which is built over client server architecture.

It has a central server in which all the applications and services resides and any client can access it through a web browser via the internet “cloud”. This is an emerging technology called “cloud computing”. This technology of resource sharing via the internet led to the creation of a Twitter client which helps to connect to the twitter server and enable the valid users to post tweets. The communication between the client and the server is done via messages. A message is a petition made by the client to the server, sending or asking certain information. EyeOS Twitter Client is an application developed with mainly two files- one for the interface and another for event handling. Twitter allows you to network efficiently and with large groups of people. The eyeOS applications reside in the server, storing and processing the data in it, helping the client to visualize and interact with the application. The client is responsible of displaying a window, or sending a message to the server indicating a button has been clicked. MMAP (Message Mapping) service in EyeOS is responsible for routing every received message in the server to the applications. In addition to data manipulation the application facilitates to save and open files.

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