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Huge collection of latest 2013 - 2014 B.E/B.Tech Final Year Engineering Projects, Mini and Major Projects, Project ideas and Topics for Computer Science (CSE), Information Technology (I.T), MCA, Electronics and Communication (ECE), Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics (EEE), Instrumentation (IC) and Civil Engineering students with source code, project report free download based on IEEE topics in Java, android and embedded systems.

In this section, we provide Mini and Final Year Main Project Topics for Engineering, MCA and MSc students in Mechanical, Computer Science, Information Technology (I.T), Electronics and Communication,  Electrical, Instrumentation and Chemical Engineering. Most of our projects listed in our website have attached Project reports. Some of the projects are based on the IEEE topics, which will help score more during project evaluation. Now we will have a look at various tips and tricks that can help you during placements and Viva. 

Choose topics that excites you

It's common for students to choose a topic that is too advanced and difficult to execute to score more marks during project evaluation. If you don't have domain expertise or programming expertise in the topic you choose, you may end up in trouble. You may be forced to scrap the project mid way. In that case, you won't get enough time to find a new topic and execute the project. So choose a topic that you are passionate about. 

Project Budget

For hardware projects, components like chips, sensors need to be purchased. Some of these components are too costly. So make a detailed inquiry about the price of these components and make a detailed project budget. After costing, if the total cost exceeds your planned budget, you should scrap the project. But if the project topic is too good to scrap it, you should look for alternate means to meet your budget. You should approach your college with the project idea, and ask for financial assistance. Colleges have scholarships to fund the projects if it is a great idea. Another option to get your project funded is by having a tie up with a company which works in the domain you choose to do the project.

Projects for Placement

Some companies looks for students who worked on a particular technology or domain for example Android, SCADA etc. So choose projects which can help you get placed. Make a list of companies where you can get hired. Do a research on the technologies they are working and choose a technology which is hot and sustainable. Maximum no of questions asked during interview, will be based on your project. So study in detail about architecture, pros, cons and application of your project. Now a days, lot of students are buying projects from academic project companies. If you are buying a project, your know how about the practical aspects of the project will be bare minimum. You should ask your project company to give a detailed explanation on components used and their made.

Project Guide and Backup

Make sure that you are in constant touch with your guide through out your project span. Project guide will make sure that you are on right track regarding the project progress. During these interactions project guide will provide you with some valuable inputs which can help you to execute the project in a better way. Make sure that you had taken your project backup at regular intervals. Its quite possible to loose all of your work due to system crash. So make sure that backups are placed at different machines or storage devices.

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