Combination Resume Template

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“Combination”, as the name suggest – it is a blend of more than two things. The same ideology workout with the Combination (hybrid) resume format – The combination resume is also a blend of chronological & functional resume. And, it is an ideal resume format for job seekers having a few years of work experience of the same field.

Chronological Resume + Functional Resume = Combination resume (Job relevant work history) + (Job relevant skills) = (Job relevant work history & skills)

A combination resume first highlights the job relevant skills (expertise, ability, achievements and accomplishments) and then next work history in the reverse chronological order. In combination resume format, the skills are based on your experiences and knowledge. For example,
  • If you have a strong work history with regular career progress – Highlight the skills as like profile section of the reverse chronological resume format with the job’s achievements and accomplishments 
  • If you have a weak work history (gaps in the employment) - Highlight the skills as like qualification section of the functional resume format with the job relevant achievements and accomplishments

Combination Resume Checklist

The best suitable for job seekers

  • Like to highlight the specific skills of a specific field - The job seekers who like to highlight technical skills or other transferable skills as per the requirements of the vacant job position and experiences; the combination resume is the best style for them to impress the hiring managers by highlighting the skills right at the top of the resume.
  • Changed career path frequently/maintained gaps between the jobs – The resume format is also fit for job seekers who had been changed career path frequently/ maintained gaps in-between the jobs.
    • As the resumes starts by highlighting the job relevant skills and achievements; job seekers with changing career/gaps in the jobs can easily impress the hiring managers by highlighting the skills and achievements right at the top of the page instead of impressing through week work history.
  • With remarkable accomplishments, achievements and job history – Although, with the skills, the combination resume also focuses on clear and detailed work history, if you have a remarkable set of accomplishments, achievements and previous work history then this resume format is an ideal option for you.
  • With little work experience/Volunteer work experience – The resume style is also suitable for job seekers with little work experience/Volunteer work experience/unpaid work experience because the format allows job seekers to showcase their job relevant skills before showcasing a short work experience.


Less suitable for job seekers

An entry level candidate/fresher – The resume format doesn’t fit much for the entry level candidate/fresher with zero work experience.

Advantages of a combination resume

  • The layout of the resume captures the attention of the hiring managers by highlighting job relevant skills and supports those skills by an account of prior work experience.
  • Visualize the data in a reverse chronological format

Disadvantages of a combination resume

  • Combination resume may go lengthier than the chronological and functional resume format
  • Duplication of work if similar skills carry to the different job position
  • If an applicant has been changed jobs frequently/maintained the gaps between jobs/irrelevant experiences; the chronological work history section of the resume will highlight those gaps, changes and irrelevant experiences. 
  • The transparency of the resume may showcase the things which you want to hide from the hiring managers. For example; age - the detailed information of the resume may help hiring managers to get a rough idea of when you were born.

Order & Structure of the Combination Resume Template

Contact Information

Essential Information:

  • Name (First Name + Middle Name + Last Name): Make it the largest one among all fonts in your resume.
  • Address: Permanent address 
  • E-mail: Professional Email, not the school/collage/childish (like; cute&This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) email
  • Phone number: Land Line/Mobile

Optional Information:

  • Personal website link: If helpful in professional career development
  • LinkedIn profile: Make it relevant to the job you are applying for
  • Social Media Links: If helpful in the career development

Remove all hyperlinks that automatically generate with your emails and URLs.

Qualifications Summary/Professional Profile

As we know, combination resume starts by highlighting the transferable skills; the skills should be in a form of a professional profile or qualifications summary – both deliver the transferable skills but in a different manner.

A professional profile highlights the skills based on your work history while a qualifications summary highlights the skills that you can use in your job for company growth and development. The choice is yours - how do you like to present your-self in-front of the employer. List the transferable skills in bullet points by using job relevant keywords. And, try to finish highlighting the skills in 5-6 bullet points.

IT Skills/Additional Skills

IT Skills: List the IT skills if you are applying to the IT industry.

  • Include software and hardware you are familiar and friendly with
  • Include the programming languages you know
  • Include all other IT skills that might be relevant to the job you are applying for

Additional Skills: Apart from job relevant skill, an applicant must carry the skills that can help him/her in general interaction with coworkers, clients and customers. Those skills are – Interpersonal, verbal communication, leadership skills, etc.


Here, you can showcase the information that may give extra importance to your resume. The information like - your professional/educational certification and honor, professional license, or publication (online website content/book).

For example – If the job description of a Java software developer job position mention “Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer (OCPJP)” as a mandatory certificate to apply for the job position – the applicants who are applying for the same position should carry this certificate and mention the detail of the certificate in this section of the resume.

Even if, the certification is not mandatory to apply for the position and you are putting the detail of the certification “Oracle's Certified Professional Java SE Programmer (OCPJP)” in this section, your resume will get an extra importance than other applicants resume.

Career Achievement/Accomplishments

This section will include the achievements and accomplishment of an applicant. Listing the career achievements and accomplishment show to the employers that what special you have done in your jobs to make the process/application better for company growth and development.

If you are displaying your achievements in numbers, highlight those numbers in quantity not in words to easily and quickly divert the attention of employers towards those numbers.

For example – If your resume is a call center service representative, in this section write down - an average, how many inbound and outbound calls you attend daily in quantity not in words.

Work Experience

In a manner and order the information display in this section is almost same across all resume formats. There are certain things to take care,

  • Try to list the work experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for
  • The work experiences should display in the reverse chronological style
  • The role and responsibilities of the job must display in bullet points
  • If possible, mention the achievements and accomplishment with the job role 
  • Add numbers wherever possible to strengthen your resume, but the numbers should be in digits, not to be in words


  • List your degrees in reverse chronological order 
  • Avoid listing abbreviation of your degrees; list the degrees with its full name. For example; Instead of listing “MBA” in your degree, list “Master of Business Administration”

Additional Sections

Additionally, you can include these all optional sections, if you feel these sections can strengthen your resume,

  • Language
  • Presentations
  • Research
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Volunteer Work Experiences
  • Collage Projects
  • References

Combination Resume Templates

Thus, the combination resume is a blend of chronological & functional resume style; give more stress on emphasizing skills sometimes as a professional profile section of chronological resume style or sometimes as qualification summary section of functional resume style on top of the resume depending on a job seeker past work history.

To get an idea of the combination resume template style, go through the given below resumes and format your resume as per your needs.

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