Resume Writing - Templates, Samples & Tips

This tutorial on resume writing, will help you prepare a winning resume for different occasions. We had provided resume writing tips, resume templates and examples to assist you n preparing a resume.

How to Write a Resume

Your resume presents “who you are” and “where do you stand” in the corporate world in terms of your skills, talents, achievements and accomplishments. Let us have a look at "how to write the perfect resume" to catch the attention of big firms.

Top 50 Resume Writing Tips

To get the interview calls, your resume needs to pass through the two main gateways – Application Tracking System & the hiring manager. To pass through your resume from these two gateways, make your resume impressive and informative with the help of the given below tips, here, you will get to know the effective ways to order your resume content with all necessary information.

Difference between CV, Resume, & BioData

Advertising your-self with a professional profile is a very daunting task when you are confused between these three terms – “Resume, CV and BioData”. Specially, it is very confusing for a fresher who first time plans to enter into the corporate world.

20 Tips to get Your Resume observed by Employers/Managers

Every day, employers/hiring managers go through thousand of resumes – if you are really interested in a particular job vacancy, develop your resume relevant to the job description using keywords that can easily pass through the “Application Tracking System (ATS)” and easily can come under the eye contact of employers/hiring managers.

Functional Resume Template and Checklist

Instead of giving stress on emphasizing work history as like Reverse-Chronological resume format; Functional resume focus on emphasizing “skills relevant to the job you are applying for, achievements, accomplishments, transferable skills, and experiences” at the top of the resume.

Combination Resume Template

“Combination”, as the name suggest – it is a blend of more than two things. The same ideology workout with the Combination (hybrid) resume format – The combination resume is also a blend of chronological & functional resume. And, it is an ideal resume format for job seekers having a few years of work experience of the same field.

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