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The definition of education has changed with the excessive use of technology. When people have opportunities to learn whatever they want to at their own pace, in whatever place they choose and during any time, then there is no reason that the online education wouldn’t flatten its horizon. Take America. Ten years ago, the number of people who were learning online was 2 million. Now, after just ten short years the number has quadrupled.

Means, right now almost 8 million people (only in America) has been learning via online platforms. So, if you are also thinking that you would like to learn online and to get a valid certificate doing the same, this article is particularly written for you. There is no point going to thousands of free online resources where your ultimate motto is to earn a degree online. Yes, free resources are definitely helpful to build foundations and sometimes maybe more than that. But that will not offer you recognition from a university or foreign college.

So, here’s a comprehensive list of colleges which are top notch in the world. We will describe the top 10 so that you can pick up according to your choice and preference. Sit back, relax and just with a laptop and an internet connection, your higher education begins now.

Penn State World Campus

If you have ever browsed through articles on world’s best universities, then you may have heard about Pennsylvania State University. Penn State World Campus is the online version of highly credible Pennsylvania State University. This online university offers 120 online undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Penn State World Campus has offered online degrees to more than 10,000 students.

Some of the programs don’t require any such requirement of staying in the campus. But very few programs require you to stay in the campus for few days to two weeks in the campus. The enrolment process occurs like this – first you need to get acceptance from Penn State World Campus, then you need to get permission from Pennsylvania State University. The best part of these online programs is that if you pass out from an online program from Penn State World Campus, you would be treated as the alumni of Pennsylvania State University. If you think that you wouldn’t be able to go to USA to pursue your degree from a world class university, you can choose Penn State World Campus and fulfil your dreams.

University of Florida Distance Learning

University of Florida is one of the top-notch universities in the world. It offers more than 300 undergraduate and postgraduate programs and enrols almost 50,000 students. It has 16 colleges and 150 research centres under its wing. This university offers several online programs. Its online programs include bachelor programs, masters and even doctoral programs.

It also provides a wide range of international degrees online. Health, education, biology, entomology, industrial and systems engineering are the few specializations it offers to its online degree students. The best part of this institute is it is one of most recognized university for research and publications. If you join even online program, you would be able to avail its online resources and write publications with the guidance of eminent faculties teaching in this university.

UMass Online

The third position in online college education is taken by UMass Online. It’s the online wing of University of Massachusetts. University of Massachusetts was established in the year 1863 and since its inception it has been providing incredible value to its esteemed students. It usually enrols more than 71,000 students in all of its five campuses.

UMass Online offers variety of graduate and postgraduate programs to its students. It also provides programs in doctoral studies. UMass Online offers more than 30 bachelor degree programs in nursing, criminal justice, applied psychology and more specializations. It also provides 40 master degree programs in gerontology, vision studies and security studies. Along with that UMass Online provides doctoral degree program in nursing and more than 12 certificate programs.

The best part of UMass Online is that you would be able to get taught by the same faculty members who teach in the brick and mortal model of teaching in University of Massachusetts. UMass Online has got the Excellence in Distance Teaching Education award from United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). If you ever want to do a nursing degree from a world class university, then UMass Online is the one you should pick over any other online universities.

Boston University

Established in the year 1839, Boston University is one of the biggest private researches, non-profit universities in the world. Every year it enrols 33,000 students in its various colleges and school. It has over 18 colleges and schools under its wing. It has more than 250,000 alumni all over the world. It offers varied range of courses and degree programs.

Among them it provides a wide range of online programs. It also offers several bachelor degree completion programs, nine master degree programs in management, art education, taxation law etc. Boston University also provides online doctoral programs in music education and occupational therapy. Along with that it also offers more than a dozen certificate programs online.

The best part of these online offerings of Boston University is the students who are enrolled in the online programs can also avail the library, career resources and tutoring facilities. Providing the similar benefits to the online students and students who study in brick and mortar model of university is rare in online universities. If you would like to have great resources ready for your studies and would like to earn a world class degree from a foreign university, then you should definitely pick the online programs of Boston University.

Northeastern University

It stands at the 5th position in the ranking of online universities in the year 2015-16. It was established in the year 1898 and every year it enrols more than 20,000 students in its nine colleges and schools. Northeastern University in the brick and mortar model of study offers 200 programs including degree programs and master programs and also doctoral study programs. It is a leader in co-operative education and experimental learning.

The online wing of Northeastern University offers 60 degree programs in various subjects including English, Political Science, Finance etc. It provides more than 24 master degree programs in subjects like respiratory care, taxation, homeland security and leadership. It also provides doctoral programs in the area of transitional physical therapy and education.

Other than bachelor, master and doctoral programs, it also offers more than 20 certificate programs. The best part of Northeastern University’s online programs is when any student enrols for online program, s/he also will be able to avail the research wing of this university.

Indian University, IU Online

It’s one of the biggest universities in United States of America and also in the world. It was founded in the year 1820 and it enrols 110,000 students each year to its nine campuses and two centres. It is a member of Association of American Universities and over the years it has produced more than 580,000 alumni all over the world. IU Online is the online wing of the most reputed Indiana University. IU Online offers hundreds of online classes and more than 100 online programs.

Online students who pursue their bachelor degrees via IU Online can pass out from nine bachelor degree completion programs including political science, business administration, mathematics and nursing. In master degree programs students can pursue more than 24 programs in social work, data science, strategic management and more subjects. IU Online also offers doctoral programs in nursing science, nursing practice and instructional systems technology. IU Online also provides several certificate programs along with bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs.

The best part of IU Online is that the students who enrol for online programs can also get access to the huge resources at the library and also technology resources. IU Online is one of the best online universities in the world and you should avail the advantages of these programs.

Arizona State University, ASU Online

Arizona State University is one of the largest public universities in America and also in the world. By enrolment it’s one of the largest in the world. Every year Arizona State University enrols more than 100,000 students in 16 colleges and schools. Arizona State University offers several bachelor degree, master degree and doctoral degree programs.

It’s one of the top-notch universities in business incubation. ASU Online is Arizona State University’s online wing. It offers more than 90 programs which include bachelor, masters and doctoral degree programs. It also provides more than 12 certificate programs. ASU Online provides bachelor’s degrees in business, history, film and justice studies. It also offers master’s degrees in nutrition, Electrical Engineering, legal studies, English and in more subjects.

The students ASU Online can pursue their doctoral studies in the area of innovation and behavioral health and leadership. ASU Online students also have access to success coaches, enrolment counsellors and academic advisers. ASU Online students have flexibility to as and when you would like to. There are six start dates in a year when you can enrol for an online program in ASU Online.

Florida State University, Office of Distance Learning

Founded in the year 1851, it was one of most adorable public research universities in United States and also in the world. It consists of 16 colleges and more than 100 facilities and labs. It enrols more than 42,000 students every year and offers more than 300 programs including bachelor, master and doctoral studies. FSU also provides combined BA and MA programs.

The Office of Distance Learning provides students bachelors in computer science, criminology and interdisciplinary social sciences. It also offers more than 20 master degree programs in business administration, criminology, nurse educator, educational leadership or administration. It also offers doctoral degree programs to its online students.

FSU has more than 50 research centres and institutes which make this university a home for research oriented activities. Even the students who enrol themselves for online programs can also access to its libraries and other resources critical for the effectiveness of study and for completion of the degree programs.

Drexel University, Drexel Online

Drexel University was founded in the year 1891 and it offers 200 programs to its students. Each year it enrols 25,500 students for different programs. And under its wing, there are more than 12 colleges and schools. Drexel University Online also offers a wide range of programs to its students. It provides 9 bachelor degrees, 60 master degrees and 80 certificate programs.

Bachelor degrees are offered in criminology, psychology, computing and security technology etc. Master degrees are provided in communication, cyber-security and systems engineering. It also offers doctoral programs in various subjects. Online students who are pursuing their online degrees can also avail the resources available to students in brick and mortar models.

Oregon State University, OSU Ecampus

Oregon State University was established in the year 1868 and enrols more than 30,000 students per year. Oregon State University offers 900 online courses, 20 bachelor’s degrees, 9 master’s degrees and also doctoral degrees. This university also offers certificate programs, as well as chemistry and foreign language courses. Oregon University ECampus students also can avail the resources offered to the students in the Oregon University students. And also online students are offered career services and 24/7 tutoring help.

In India, online education is not being given proper importance due to the fact that it has little or no classroom teaching. Most of us have typical mind set for learning and we can’t perceive that online degree can be helpful to us. But things have been changing. Students understand the value of learning and joining online programs.

Things are shifting. Now these millennial take things in their own hands and valuing their own learning than the opinions of other people and society. You can also think ahead, think big, think on your own and make a better choice. Yes, you can study online at your own convenience and in your own time. The only question is whether you are willing to take that mental leap or not.

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