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In this age of excessive information, education matters a lot more than before. Now, everyone with little effort on their part can access information within few seconds of typing the keywords in the Google; then why study in a college which claims to provide world class education? The answer is simply because education is not only about owning or knowing information. Knowing a hell lot and applying none will result in the same as it was before accessing the bulk of information.

These world class universities will help you apply things that you learn in a context which will not be accessible to anyone who has a laptop and an internet connection. Thus it matters to be able to afford a world class education if you can. Yes, not everyone would be able to afford it. Take for example, the finance would not be ample, the brilliance (at least on the scorecard) would not be sufficient or maybe they would lack the fluency in English like the native speakers.

No matter what, if you can, simply by your effort or by fortune, be able to make your position secure in the following 10 universities, don’t miss out. Learn as much as you can. Soak in whatever comes your way. Keep the pride and drop the unnecessary glorification of your successes. For now, to start off, let’s look at the top 10 universities in the world.

California Institute of Technology, US

California Institute of Technology is most lovingly called Caltech. This name “Caltech” is being given in 1921 whereas this university started its operation since 1910. This is a private research university and one of the most prestigious institutes in the world. Caltech has six academic divisions which was able to sponsor research around US $332 million in the year 2011. The campus is very prodigious; it has spread over 124 acres of land and specifically speaking it’s over 18 kilometres.
It’s mandatory for students to stay in the campus at least for the first year. But it has been seen that 95 per cent undergraduate students stay in the campus hostels during their course; it may be because of the low cost of living within the campus. Even if it seems small in size in comparison with the other top notch universities in the world, it has produced 33 alumni who have won 34 Nobel Prize in total.

The 112 faculty members who teach in Caltech are the world class educators and are being revered as the top experts in their fields. Some of them are also associated with NASA. The fill rate is very meagre, only 8% of total applications are being accepted. To add a review, we would say that Caltech is one of the best universities in the world and only a lucky few can access the opportunity to get in and study here.

Harvard University, US

This is one of the oldest universities in the world. It was being founded in the year 1636. There are total 20,152 students who study in Harvard University. The university was first affiliated by Massachusetts Legislature, but later it was named after its first benefactor, John Harvard. Over the years the university has evolved and now it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Thus, it’s natural that the acceptance rate would be much less.

The acceptance rate in Harvard is 5.9%. There are many campuses of this university. The main campus of Harvard University is around 210 acres. The medical campus of Harvard has spread over 21 acres and the Allston campus has spread over 360 acres. Other than that other holdings of Harvard University include 4500 acres of lands. Harvard University is not prestigious just because of the name rather Harvard has produced 8 US presidents, 62 billionaires who are still alive and 150 of Nobel Laureates.

From the numbers and the statistics, one can understand how incredible the level of education is at Harvard. There are mainly 4 affiliations Harvard has, NAICU, AICUM, AAU and URA. The endowment of Harvard University is also magnificent, i.e. US $36.4 billion. If you ever get an opportunity to study in Harvard, never miss it.

University of Oxford, UK

University of Oxford is one of the traditional universities ever existed. Its year of establishment is unknown, but it was found that the teaching existed in this university since the year 1096. There are total 22,116 students who study in University of Oxford. The thing of wonder is 34% of all students are international students which prove that how open University of Oxford is in taking in foreign students. The male-female ratio is 46:54 which maintains the standard of equality.

The student to staff ratio is incredible as well, 11.6. The university consists of total 38 colleges and full-fledged academic departments. The University of Oxford is affiliated by IARU, Russell Group, Europaeum, EUA, G5, LERU and SES-5. The endowment of University of Oxford is 4.355 billion pounds. Like Harvard University, Oxford has also produced a lot of Nobel Laureates and many notable alumni. University of Oxford has produced total 27 Nobel Laureates and 26 British Prime Ministers. Most recently, the current prime minister of UK, David Cameron has also studied in University of Oxford.

Stanford University, US

Stanford University ranks 4th in overall ranking of world class universities. Stanford is also one of the most famous institutes in the world. It was established in the year 1891. It’s a private research university. It’s endowment is also big enough. From the latest information, it was found that the endowment of Stanford University is of US $21.4 billion. The campus is huge, much bigger than anyone can imagine. The campus has spread over 8,180 acres, a prodigious campus and one of the largest in the world.

There are academic staffs and more than 2000 academic staffs work in Stanford. There are also both undergraduates and postgraduate students who study in Stanford. Total number of students latest in 2014 is 15877, out of which 6980 are students who are undergraduates and 8897 students are post graduate students. Stanford University releases and publishes one newspaper of its own; it’s named “The Stanford Daily”. One counts the fame and fortune of a college by the successful alumni it has. Stanford has 59 Nobel Laureates till now. You can imagine how prestigious this college has ever been.

University of Cambridge, UK

University of Cambridge is one of the oldest universities in the world. When we talk about Stanford, Princeton and MIT, they are new universities compared to universities in UK. For the last 800 years, University of Cambridge has been preparing students for excellence. Yes, it was established in the year 1209. It’s a public research university. The endowment is 5.89 billion pounds. The campus is huge. It has spread over 366,444 square meters area. And there are multiple facilities are being provided.

Academic staffs who are working there are usually employed to support the students in needs and to solve their minor and major issues. There are total 6645 academic staffs who are employed in the University of Cambridge. There are both undergraduate students and post graduate students. There are total 18,271 students studying in the University of Cambridge, out of which 11,280 are undergraduate students and 6451 are postgraduate students.

The University of Cambridge is affiliated by Russell Group, EUA, G5 universities, LERU, IARU, SES-5. You would get surprised to know that even large figures like Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking had studied in the University of Cambridge. There are total 91 Nobel Laureates the University of Cambridge has produced over the years.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US

MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. You can understand its value by its acceptance rate of its potential students. There are millions of people who dream of studying in MIT; but when they apply it, out of them only 7.9% are being selected for their esteemed courses and offerings. It was established in 1861, but it actually opened four years later, in the year 1865. It is a private research university. The endowment of MIT is huge, US $13.5 billion.

It has relatively small campus, only 168 acres. The academic staffs are also very efficient; the number of academics staffs is 1030. There are total 11,319 students studying in MIT out of which 4512 students are undergraduate students and 6807 students are pursuing their master degree. MIT is affiliated by multiple group of association namely, AAU, AICUM, AITU, APLU, COFHE, NAICU, URA and 568 Group.

MIT publishes its own newspaper; it’s called “The Tech”. There are total 84 Nobel Laureates and 34 astronauts MIT has produced over the years. Though the chances of getting in MIT are very bleak, but if by any means you get to study in MIT, never miss the opportunity. It’s once in a lifetime kind of opportunity.

Princeton University, US

Princeton University is also one of the most sought-after universities in the whole world. Its campus spread over 500 acres which is almost 3 times of MIT. Even the acceptance rate in Princeton is also lesser than MIT. Only 7.4 students are being accepted in Princeton out of all the students who apply. Princeton University was established in 1746 which makes it a 250 year old university.

It is a private research university. The endowment is also bigger than MIT; the endowment is US $22.7 billion. There are 1172 academic staffs who work here. There are also 8088 students pursuing their studies in Princeton out of which 5391 are undergraduate students and 2697 are post graduate students. Princeton University is affiliated by several groups of associations namely, AAU, URA and NAICU. Princeton has produced total 41 Nobel Laureates and 2 US Presidents.

University of California, Berkeley, US

When we pronounce the name of the university like University of California, Berkley, many can’t decipher it. But when we call it UC Berkley, almost all know the name of the university. Yes, it’s world’s 8th university in overall performance and offering high class education to its students. It was established on 23rd March, in the year 1868. It’s a public research university.

And its endowment is also more than US $3.9 billion. If you compare the campus it is just slightly smaller than the Stanford University. The total acres of land owned by the University of Berkley are 6679 acres; the campus has spread over the area of 1232 acres out of which the core campus is of 178 acres.

There are total 37581 students studying here out of which 27126 are undergraduate students and 10455 are postgraduate students. Even the acceptance rate of UC Berkley is higher than any prestigious colleges in the world; it’s 18.1% of all students who apply here. The university is affiliated by University of California system, AAU, IARU, URA, APRU and APLU. UC Berkley has produced total 72 Nobel Laureates and 11 Pulitzer Prizes.

Imperial College London, UK

Compared to all other universities in UK, Imperial College, London is newer. It was established in 1907. When most of the universities in UK are more than 300 years old, Imperial College London is only 100 years old. It is a public research university. Its endowment is 98 million pounds. What’s most lucrative about Imperial College London is its acceptance rate.

Out of all students who apply at Imperial College London, 15.2% are being accepted. There are total 14735 students who study here. Out of them 8931 are undergraduate students and 5804 are postgraduate students. There are multiple affiliations by which Imperial College London are affiliated. They are ACU, AMBA, EUA, G5, Golden Triangle, LERU and Russell Group.

Imperial College of London has produced 15 Nobel Laureates just in 100 years. This is one of the best colleges to study in if you want to glorify your career. So, if you get an opportunity to study here, don’t miss it; it may change your life.

Yale University, US

This is also one of the most prestigious universities in the world to study in. Yale University is the 10th top most university in the world. It was established in 9th October, 1701 which makes it more than 300 year old university. It is a private research university where the endowment is quite high, even higher than MIT, Stanford and even Princeton; the endowment of Yale University is US $25.6 billion.

Total 4171 academic staffs work here to support and counsel the students. There are total 12223 students currently pursuing their studies here. Out of which 5414 are undergraduate students and 6809 are postgraduate students. The campus of Yale University is also huge, almost 10 times of MIT; the campus has spread over 1015 acres. Yale University is affiliated by Ivy League, AAU, IARU and NAICU. Yale University has produced 5 US Presidents, 13 living billionaires and 52 Nobel Laureates.

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