Phd - Course Details and Career Opportunities

This guide will help you understand the importance of doing Phd and why you should go for a PhD and enhance your Career Opportunities.

PhD in UK, Germany, Australia and France

There are various reasons for which PhD aspirants choose to pursue their PhD in other countries (other than US). Now, we will include 5 countries and give you reasons for which people choose to pursue PhD in those respective countries. Now, pick your own reason and accordingly choose your choice of country to pursue your PhD studies.

How a PhD would affect the compensation curve of a professional?

If you are planning to pursue a PhD and aspire to delay your working life by 4-5 years, then this article would help you figure out whether you are ready to make that trade off. There is good news as well bad news. Now if you would like to put off your corporate or working life for few years to earn the reputation of becoming a doctor of a subject, we will analyse whether it is a worthy pursuit in terms of compensation or not.

Top 10 Universities in the world which offers PhD

There are lot many questions in regards to PhD. One of the most frequently asked questions is - if we choose a foreign university for PhD, which one should we choose? So here it is - a list of 10 top universities in the world. PhD is a very dynamic degree and it has so many specializations.

Top 10 Universities in India which offer PhDs

Even if we recommend that you should do your PhD from a recognized, foreign university, what if you would want to stay put in India and still continue your education? For students who would like to do their PhDs from India should know the top most institutes that offer PhDs in different fields.

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