Top 10 Universities in the world which offers PhD

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There are lot many questions in regards to PhD. One of the most frequently asked questions is - if we choose a foreign university for PhD, which one should we choose? So here it is - a list of 10 top universities in the world. PhD is a very dynamic degree and it has so many specializations.

Naturally, there are lot of universities in many countries which offer several specializations. Thus, it’s impossible to point out top 10 among all the subjects and all the PhDs. What we did is we’ve picked up top 10 universities which offer PhDs in STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

And by virtue of having top class universities, US stand out in the crowd. There are other universities in UK, Denmark and other European countries which offer top-notch PhDs, but still from our computations, US top the list.
If you are interested in a particular country or a particular subject, you can do your own due diligence. By no means is this list a comprehensive one because the scope of this article is limited. Let’s begin.

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Harvard University is the best in the world universities for studying masters and being a graduate. Along with that, it offers world’s best courses for PhD students. When we talk about Harvard, people only recognize that Harvard is the best business school. But it is also one of the best places for research scholars as well.

Not only in engineering subjects, Harvard University also offer specializations in business, pre-law, education and economics. To cite an example, 47 Nobel Laureates and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners have graduated from Harvard University. Imagine the extra-ordinary education it offers! If you get a chance to study PhD in this university, don’t miss the chance; because the chances are that in near future the whole world will get to know you.

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania is called the first ever university in America. If you have ever dreamed of doing a PhD in a foreign country like US, this is the best place to study. If you talk about infrastructure, University of Pennsylvania offers the best infrastructure. Libraries, faculties, study materials, course wares, exposure to the industry, if we put everything together this university offers the best combination. And moreover the 269 acres of land across which the university spread over is something to go back to every single day.

Princeton University, New Jersey

This is one of most esteemed universities to study the doctoral programs. It’s located in New Jersey in the most soothing environment where your mind would be compelled to expand. What’s unique to it? This is a private research university in United States. It also provides its students extra-ordinary infrastructure and magnificent ambience for study.

It encourages independent scholarships and also offers fellowship. If you would like to do your PhD in US, why not go for Princeton? Choosing Princeton will also help you in funding your doctoral studies as this university will assist you with scholarships.

Columbia University, New York

This University is also one of the most popular destinations for foreign students. Columbia University is situated in Manhattan, New York. From all over the world, brilliant minds come every year to study in this reputed university. This university has historical significance. It’s the 5th oldest universities in America. The best part of this university is its world class faculty.

Thus the students who pursue doctoral studies are one of the best ones to get the guidance of the world class faculty. For proof here’s the statistics. Among the professors of Columbia University, 9 are noble laureates. From the statistics you can get to know what sort of training and education Columbia University provides.

Yale University, Connecticut

It’s also one of the private universities in US. It’s located in New Haven, Connecticut. This is also one of the oldest universities in America. Specifically speaking, it’s the third oldest college in United States and it was founded in the year 1701. Moreover, this university offers a prodigious number of courses, in total 131 courses for doctoral programs. Thus, it’s one of the top universities to do your PhD from.

University of Chicago, Chicago

University of Chicago is one of the most sought after universities in the world. It was founded in 1890 by an educational trust called American Baptist Education Society. University of Chicago is a huge university and every year more than 15,000 students enrol in this university from all over the world. It’s not only offers graduate program, it’s also one of the best to do your doctoral studies.

North-western University, Chicago

This University is one of the most famous universities in the world. It was founded in the year 1851 in Chicago. It’s one of the oldest universities in Chicago. The best part of North-western university is that it offers comprehensive PhD courses and the curriculums are being decided by the world class faculties. Over 16,000 students enrol every year in its various programs. It has 10 schools and colleges under its undertaking. North-western university is one of the most eminent universities in US and also in the world.

Stanford University, California

Stanford University doesn’t need any introduction. Last budget when it was recorded was US $1.33 billion. By its prodigiousness you can understand how popular and famous this university is in the world. Its main focus is on scientific studies, technological and social sciences research. Most importantly Stanford University offers students an opportunity to prepare for all of their talents, not only education. Thus, the emphasis is also on extra-curricular activities along with academics. Thus this is one of the most world-class institutes which offer opportunities for PhD studies.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

If you have never heard about any of the above universities, you cannot miss the name of Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (MIT) if you are in technology studies. In technology studies no university is at par MIT. MIT attracts the world’s most brilliant minds and shape them to be the best to make a mark. Not only that, MIT is also one of the most reputed places for research and innovation. Every student of technology literally dream of studying in MIT. Its name is being taken with Harvard, Stanford and Princeton.

Duke University, North Carolina

This also is one of the top most universities in the world. It was founded in the year 1924 by James Buchanan Duke. There are 10 schools and colleges are affiliated under it. Among them the best one is Trinity College of Arts and Science. Its standards of study are at par with the best universities in the world. Naturally it’s being recognized as one of the world’s top most universities to pursue your PhD studies.