PhD in UK, Germany, Australia and France

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There are various reasons for which PhD aspirants choose to pursue their PhD in other countries (other than US). Now, we will include 5 countries and give you reasons for which people choose to pursue PhD in those respective countries. Now, pick your own reason and accordingly choose your choice of country to pursue your PhD studies.

We will cover UK, Germany, Australia, France and Switzerland. There are other countries as well in which you can pursue your PhD studies but due to the limited scope of this article we will cover only top five and will try to assimilate all the benefits that you can get while pursuing PhD in these countries. Without much ado, let’s start off right away.

PhD in UK

If by any chance you miss out on doing your PhD in US, then your next preference should be UK. The best part of PhD studies in UK is its quality of study. Also people who study in UK become extra-ordinary in English language and they become domain expert. Why UK is one of the best places to study PhD? Here the most important ingredient that the universities offer is quality assurance.

The universities are being rated in the categorization of Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) and the institutes are categorized in the following way. The rank is being given from “unclassified”, the lowest rung to “Standard 4” the highest rung. Universities which belong to the category “unclassified” usually portray poor quality of education, even below the standard of nationally recognized work.

The “Standard 1” depicts the universities which are at par the standard of nationally recognized work. The “Standard 2” describes universities which are not only recognized nationally, but are also reputed and recognized internationally. The “Standard 3” means universities which are not only of international standards; they are also excellent in terms of international recognition and acceptance.

The highest rung is of course “Standard 4” which defines universities which are the world leaders in education and most recognized, top notch institutes in the world. From this categorization, you must be clear that how sincere educational authorities of UK are about the standard and quality of PhD studies. It is said that UK always popularizes the concept of meritocracy. Now we know why.

PhD in Germany

People talk about US and UK, but Germany has not got that much popularity and is always standing like an unsung hero. But if one investigates it will be found that Germany is one of most lucrative places to pursue your PhD. Reasons? Here they are. First of all, Germany has given birth to more than 100 Nobel laureates over the years.

Secondly, more than 25,000 students pass out from doctoral studies recognized by German institutes every year. Thirdly, Germany is a hub for students pursuing their PhDs in scientific, medical, social and artistic research. Fourthly, the research infrastructure in Germany is second to none. Thus, if you get a chance to do your PhD in Germany, you should not let go of this opportunity.

In Germany, there are two ways via which you can pursue your PhD. One is a traditional way where you need to select a supervisor (doktorvater/ doktormutter) and do your own thesis paper and will be recognized by a University in Germany. This sort of PhD takes around 4 years. Another kind of PhD is structural way where you need to get admission in a university and will follow through the structural courses designed by the university. This PhD usually takes 3 years. So, think if you would like to do PhD from German universities, don’t wait; try out right away.

PhD in Australia

If you are the one who like to take things in his/her own hands then you are the perfect fit for the kind of PhD Australian universities offer. In Australia, the procedure of PhD is bit different than other countries. Here, you need to send the universities a draft research to find out whether the universities have the resources or interest to let your pursue your research under their supervision or not. If yes, they will invite you right away to join their doctoral degree.

But mostly PhD in Australia is an individual thing. Thus, you may need to bear the cost. If you plan to do PhD in Australia, then your expense would be anything between AU $17,000 to $35,000 per year subject to the university and the domain that you choose. But the cost of pursuing the PhD in Australia should not stop you from actually doing it. Because, now-a-days most universities in Australia are funding international students either fully or partially.

If not, then there are options for fees waivers and maintenance funding. If you are citizen of Australia then you would not be having any issue in doing the PhD, otherwise, if you don’t have residence in Australia or you are not a citizen then you would be treated as international student.

The best way to apply in any Australian university is to find out a university that has the expertise in your subject and then connect to the supervisor/professor of the university directly via email. If you can manage to impress the professor, chances are that the obstacles on your path to get into an Australian university would be pared down.

PhD in France

If you would like to pursue your doctoral studies in France, you need to be prepared to be grilled. The first step is to write a paper in peer review journal and then produce a thesis. Once it’s done you will be called for examination. The examination is a sort of offering a presentation on your thesis to the jury and the public.

Once your presentation is over, the jury and public will ask questions and you need to answer them. On the merit of your presentation, your thesis and the way you handle the questions will ultimately decide whether you are eligible for pursuing a PhD in France or not. Always intellectually steeped country France doesn’t treat its PhD students as students; rather they call them early researchers. The first and foremost importance is being given on providing all kind of support to its doctoral students. No wonder why France is number 4th in receiving Noble Prizes all over the world.

PhD in Switzerland

If you are looking for a well-funded, technically strong, innovative doctoral study, your choice should be Switzerland. In Switzerland, the most important benefit you will receive is the 600-700 years old institutes which have become centre of excellence over the years. The traditional values and cutting edge technologies make Switzerland one of the most attractive places to study PhD.

Doing PhD in Switzerland will not only offer you the recognition in Europe, but you would be recognized all over the world as an authority of your subject. If you are looking for a PhD of repute and with having relevance in the whole, you should pick Switzerland universities as your first choice.

In conclusion

No matter what country or institute you choose, at the end of the day, it all comes down to you. How much passionate you are about your subject and research topic, how well you handle pressure, how good you are in collaboration with the industry and corporates and how you manage to work on various projects at the same time are all dependent on you. We know that you can, the question still remains – Will you?