PhD in India

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As we already know that US is the best place to pursue your PhD studies, it’s not always possible for every aspiring student to go to US and pursue their PhD. It is also being assumed that if you don’t want to go to US, you will completely avoid the tour to the foreign countries for pursuing your doctoral studies. It’s not the question of your capacity; rather it may be financial constraint or any other personal issue. Then what would be the alternative? We will talk about it here.

You can presume from the title of this article that the alternative is nothing but pursuing your PhD in India. We will give you some solid reasons why pursuing a PhD is a boon even if you miss out higher studies in foreign countries. So, without much ado, let’s begin with the reasons for pursuing your doctoral studies.

Have a better perspective about India: You know that the grass always looks greener on the other side. Thus, if you see India from a viewpoint of an Indian, India would look dull and unattractive. And that’s our perspective which needs to change. So, if you want to pursue your PhD studies from India it’s always better to have a better perspective about India.

It’s not that you need to metaphorically imagine something grandeur, but truth is India is now grandeur. It is part of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) which are the fastest growing developing countries. Yes, US stands out in the crowd. 75% of top 20 institutes are from US. But if you do your doctoral studies from India, the chances of shining are not bleak. India has top institutes like IIM, IIT and IIS come under top 200 institutes in the world. So, no matter what streams you choose to pursue your doctoral studies, even in India you can make your mark.

Blend of traditional values and cutting edge technologies:

Don’t forget that India is the hub of spiritual awakenings all around the world and mathematics and sciences evolved from ancient India. And now this generation which is called millennial which know cutting edge technology, love to start their own things and carry out responsibilities well. So, India now is a blend of traditional values and cutting edge innovations.

Not only the young generation in India, are the institutes and top notch universities reflecting the same values and traditions. Thus, when you go to pursue your full time doctoral studies in one of the top notch institutes in India, chances are you will get to learn what’s inherent within you along with what’s out there in the world.

You can also tie up with companies working in the same domain as yours and collaborate to work on ideas that matter. So, even if you are not able to go to foreign countries to pursue your PhD, you are losing very little. Maybe what you are missing out is the international experience. But if you pursue your career diligently you can go abroad and do your post doc later from a foreign university. Hang on there. Do your thing well. You will make yourself a recognized authority not only in India, but all over the world within few years.

Increased enrolment of foreign nationals in Indian institutes

Most Indians don’t view Indian institutes as top notch as there are now options to go abroad and make their dreams true. But not everyone can afford the luxury of going abroad and pursue their doctoral studies. If you are unable to go to abroad to pursue your PhD, you have two choices. One, you can feel yourself inferior, regret your luck, feel glum chum and sit idle. Another is you get up and do whatever is under your control and make a room for your future to grow in multi directions.

Now, when we Indians are criticizing the benchmark of Indian institutes, at that time, the enrolment of foreign nationals are increasing year by year. It’s not only people who can’t afford their higher studies in their home countries and come to India to pursue their doctorate; rather it’s them who have the avenues to pursue their PhDs in US or UK, but still they pick India over any other country. Why? They realize that they can learn a ton.

If we just shift our thinking in the right direction and instead of criticizing or saying bad about Indian institutes, take charge to make them good, then everything will make sense. It’s not the courseware of the institutes and faculties that make institutes stand out; rather it’s the students of the institutes and the standard they set for themselves. Are you ready to set a high standard for yourself and make yourself and your institute stand out in your choice of study? Then one of Indian institutes would be perfect choice for you.

Least cost

If you pursue your PhD from India, the cost of endeavouring into doctoral studies would be much less compared to the pursuance of PhD studies in other counties. Lot of aspiring students choose India over other countries to do their PhD because of this single reason. Often institutes like IIM charge absolutely nothing from their PhD full time students, rather they pay them stipend every month nearly around Rs. 30,000.

So, if you aim to do PhD in India, your first aim should be to find an institute which pays you well at the end of the month as well as you get the opportunity to work as assistants to your guides while pursuing your own research.

Working opportunity with PhD: Many PhD students pursue their PhD part time and continue to get employed with their respective institutes either as an assistant professor or as full time employee. Why students continue both of the things simultaneously? Why they would like to juggle? The reason is simple.

They don’t want to miss out on anything. There is a huge opportunity cost if you go for a full time PhD and let go of employment for a while. Thus, they go on doing both of them. In India specifically, the part time PhD is very popular. In foreign countries you would not see many people doing PhD as a part time occupation. They do it full time. Thus, it’s your advantage in India, if you would like to do both – a job and your PhD simultaneously.

In conclusion

India is not a less standardized country to pursue your doctoral studies. If you try to compare with foreign institutes, the comparison is irrelevant. Because the funding those institutes get are much more than Indian institutes. So, if the Government takes the initiative to fund heavily in Indian institutes, the days are not far when Indian institutes can be compared with the top notch institutes of the world.