PhD in US - Advantages

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When we talk about PhD, a lot of PhD aspirants would like to pursue their PhD in US. But most of the time, if they are asked the reason, they don’t know exactly why. In this article, we will point out key areas for which US is a great destination for pursuing your PhD. We will not only provide you with reasons, but the data that will prove the reasons.

Now, you can ask why it is important to know the reasons. First of all, without having any clarity about the PhD in US, you should not follow a crowd just like that. Secondly, if you know the reasons behind pursuing your PhD in US and not anywhere else, it will help you in directing your path for your future career aspirations.

It’s not true that US is the only meritorious place where doctoral students should pursue their PhD. But it’s one of the best. There are other places where you can pursue your PhD like Australia, UK, Germany and in other European countries, but as the top 75 per cent top institutions in the world are in US, naturally, the cream of the world would get attracted to it. So, without much ado, let’s get to the point and see the reasons behind pursuing a PhD in US (not anywhere else).

US, the top destination for PhD

Nowhere in the world you would find series of universities and institutes which offer world class higher studies to its home and international students. The universities are not famous or renowned just because they are situated in US, rather they are reputed because of their world class standards and the value they add to each and every student during the course of studies.

There are 1700 world class institutions in US, out of which 15 institutions top the list among the top 20 institutions in the world. So, from the statistics, it’s imaginable that US is not only a destination for top-class universities, but whole educational structure depends on the benchmark set by the top 15 institutes in US, like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, MIT etc. Then why not go to US to pursue your PhD studies?

Welcoming atmosphere for international students

As we previously mentioned that US is a hub for world-class institutions, it’s also the centre for international students. Among the 2.6 million (approx.) students in US right now, 10.5 per cent are international, meaning 260,000 students. Due to 9/11 massacre, there was a halt in international students coming in US, right now, the situation has improved much more than before.

Thus, the numbers of international students have been gradually increasing every year. According to the latest figures, the increase of international students every year is approximately 8 per cent meaning 20800 students. The numbers are astounding. So, you can perceive if US is not welcoming in allowing international students then how come so many students decide to pursue their higher studies in US?

Moreover, according to the estimation done by NAFSA, it was found that the international students and their dependents have contributed around US $17.6 billion to the US economy. You can guess that by deciding to pursue your PhD studies in US, you will not only get a world class education, rather you will also contribute to US economy.

Possibility of full funding: For PhD students in US, the average per annum expenditure is around US $28,000-$40,000. And most international students get overwhelmed by the whopping amount. But there is nothing to fear. If you are especially from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background, most probably you will get full funding from the respective universities.

Even if you are from Arts background and would like to pursue your PhD in the field of Humanities, then also, chances are high that you would get funding. It is being noted that 43% international students have got full funding for their PhD studies in US without any strings attached.

Meaning they could work as a fellow and teaching assistant in the university, they got paid the stipend every month along with that they received full funding for their study. So, if you are planning to do your PhD, take these things into account. It can be easily said that there is rarely any better place to pursue your PhD other than in US.

Huge investment in research

In US, higher education and research are being given the most importance. Thus, every year a huge amount is being invested for the purpose of research and higher education. From the latest news it was found that US has invested over US $49 billion only in research and development. You know, data never lies. So, all the left brain thinkers who think that US is not a good place to study PhD, think again. Your chances of making a lucrative career may become true if you choose US as your PhD destination.

International experience

In US, the top notch universities don’t only value education, but also higher application of what their students study. Thus, you will be given ample opportunities to learn, practice, make mistakes, amend your errors and then again start off new. During classes, you will be given opportunity to work for 20-25 hours a week and you will get paid for that.

Along with that, during holidays, if you want to earn few more bucks and apply what you learn, you can work up to 40 hours a week. This exposure will give you ample opportunities to brush your skills, hone your knowledge and make yourself the best version of yourself. Along with that, if you come back to India after completing your PhD, you will be able to show your international experience in your resume which will add tremendous value to your chances of employability.

In conclusion

Our job here is not to push you to do something, rather we will give you all the information that is relevant so that you can make your own choices and you know in your heart and soul that whatever decision you’ve made is a prudent one.

Phd in US is very popular and we have already articulated why it can be so important for you to pursue PhD in US. Yes, you can also pursue your PhD in other countries and maybe there are other benefits that you can get but still for academics and especially in PhD, US is number one. You know, everything can lie but statistics don’t. So on the basis of the statistics that we have found it’s clearly evident that there is no better place to pursue your PhD other than in US.

Yes, it’s hard to get H1B Visa after completing your studies, but as you will pursue PhD, chances are that you will be absorbed as an assistant professor in your university after completing your PhD and you can also come back to India and begin a new career.

Think on these terms and choose what suits you best!