Possible Career Opportunities after completion of PhD

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Most of the students who pursue PhD think that there is only one avenue of career after PhD. But if you go through this article you will realize that nothing can be further than the truth. Once you are through with the most gruelling degree of your career you will have multiple opportunities for you. Especially, now-a-days, due to the evolution of studies, everything has become modern, tech-savvy and is at your finger tip.

If you have invested your time well in your PhD, then whether you agree or not, you have more opportunities than a master degree holder or an engineering graduate (even though they have few years of experience in their own domain)! All you need to do is to apply the set of skills and knowledge in some worthy pursuit. The worth of the pursuit would not become worthy just because they pay you well, but because they make your heart sing.

And in this following section, we will provide you some of the career opportunities you can take up after you finish up your PhD studies. Sit tight and read on. You may get astonished that how following career opportunities can add value to your career and life’s work.
Let’s begin.


It’s the most common field people choose after completing their PhD studies. But it may not be for you. In Academia, you need to do everything almost like a PhD. You will teach, give lectures, prepare slides, do your research, manage some administration, represent your college in few occasions and attend seminars and lectures in your field. If you would like to be in the field of research and teaching, then academia is for you.

Otherwise, if you like something challenging, you need to choose something from the following career options. Here, we are not discouraging you from pursuing academia, but our only point of view is know yourself first before pursuing anything. Because the crowd is going for academia after PhD, you shouldn’t do the same. Be unique. Follow your instincts. Choose your own path. And it may be much different than academia.


Management consulting firms are always looking for people who can have a helicopter view of the problems and can give solutions which will help them build competitive advantage. It’s a general belief that consulting firms only hire fresh or experienced MBA graduates. But nothing can be further from the truth.

Management consulting firms also hire people who complete their PhDs and who are capable of evaluating a problem via various quantitative and qualitative tools. If you have done your PhD well, you won’t have any issues regarding problem solving. You will also be able to add value by offering your insights and providing your analysis.


If you are particularly concerned about your motherland and want to do something for your country you can opt for Government jobs. One of the best positions to apply for after you complete your PhD is the position of Military Researcher. This position is available in your field as well. That doesn’t mean you need to go for it. There are also other opportunities and multiples positions available with state and central government. There are also options available for conducting research as a civilian government employee.


If you have a PhD in computer science or any science related fields then there are chances that you can get in some intellectual property right firms which offer positions to PhDs as technical specialists. Your job would be to review patent applications and at the same time compose them. Along the job few firms also offer you to pursue a part time law degree to understand the patent and intellectual property rights better. If you are ever interested in law, trademark, patents or intellectual property rights, then this is the perfect options for you.


If you are ever worried about job options after PhD, there are many suitable options available in Pharma/ Biotech. Mainly you can go for the research and development department in Biotech firms or big brand pharmacy, where you can do your research work and get new patents for discovering new scientific innovation.

If you think well in advance, the growth here is much more than you can think in other options. Because you will be treated as a research scientist and your work will be the main key to earn revenue for the firm. So you will be paid very well and you will be valued more than anyone else in the company.


After doing PhDs, most people don’t go for sales because till now sales are being viewed as one of the professions where you need to push people to buy your products. But in actuality good sales people are never pushy about their product rather they understand the need of the customers and work their way to the top.

If you love to talk to people, interact with them, can pitch any new idea well and want to be in the sales team of an organization, you can choose your cards and join in. There are glorious opportunities for you to do sales because one of the main keys of sales is your forte and that is collaboration. If you have done your PhD well, you have learned how to collaborate, how to present your ideas and how to make your idea gets sold. Thus, you will do very well in sales as well.


Very few PhD pass outs go for entrepreneurship. Because the most risky of all professions is this profession. If you do profit, it’s yours, if you do loss, it’s your responsibility to bear. But if you can start a lab or a consulting firm on your own after completing your PhD, your learning would be maximum. Even in the job, people tell you to do things even if you can have a higher position. Thus, there is much less autonomy in jobs.

But if you want autonomy and would like to build your own utopia, then this is the best option for you. Before opting for this option, think well in advance. Think about when you will recoup your money that you will invest in the business, what would your return on investment, how would you deal with contingencies and urgent situations, what would be your back up plan and so on and so forth. Think and then act. The whole world belongs to you if you choose the domain of business well and act with prudence.

The above are the possible career opportunities that you can take after completing your PhD studies in any stream. So you don’t need to limit yourself only to academia. Join academics, if you want to, otherwise there are six other options you can choose and make your career count.