Which PhD should you choose – national or foreign?

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Most of the PhD aspirants who would like to do PhD would know the answer that we asked in the title. But for financial or other they would not make that choice. But our purpose here is to direct the right path where you can achieve your full potential as a professional. Thus, we always recommend that if you can do a PhD it should be from abroad, because what you can gain by doing a PhD abroad, it would not be possible here in India.

By no means we degrading PhD in India, but every lay man would be able tell you that in terms of infrastructure, exposure and practical experience, a PhD abroad is what you should look for. We are not only directing the path. We will also show you the reasons for which we are citing this to be the best option.

Let’s dig in.

Global Exposure

The most important reason for pursuing a PhD in abroad is because in foreign country you would be exposed to a lot of different cultures, norms, beliefs, ways of looking at life, values, people, languages and thus you would learn a lot more than what you can learn at your home country. But often when you try to make that shift later in your life, it becomes very tough. Because you get used to a habitual way of life and suddenly it becomes difficult for you to drastically live in a different culture and in a different way.

Thus, it’s always better to take the decision before you turn 35 years. Most of us are habitual creatures and we view our life on the perspective of what you have done before, not what we can do now. Thus, don’t stop yourself. Find out everything about a PhD in your field in foreign land and then jump in. If you study well and can adapt to the new environments well, the whole world then belongs to you.

Global Market

If you do your PhD in India, then the job market would be limited to India or if you do well, you can work in Asian territory. Even if company sends you for occasional tour in Europe or US, that’s usually not for very long time. But what if you have the power to make your job market global? What if you can tweak and decide and make yourself employable around the world? You can, if you choose a PhD in abroad.

More than anything else, you will learn a lot about the market in global arena and your skills will increase drastically. You will meet the top most experts in your field and will get direct guidance from them. And nothing can be better than that for your personal and professional development.

Imagine this, once you are done with your PhD from US or UK, you can get a job in any country and can be employed at any position. Thus there would no limit to your growth, no obstacle to a brilliant and magnificent career.

Internationalization of your resume

Now you may ask that what if you don’t want to settle in a foreign land and want to come back to India for being a professor or doing a job at a top management? What then? Simple. Even if you come back to India after earning a PhD in a foreign land, your value would be much more than any PhD guys from India. Reason? You are exposed to so many factors that they have not been able to be exposed to.

You saw different people, adapt to different cultures, survived in several environments, handled people of varied beliefs and values and did a lot of research under the guidance of the top experts in the field. Thus you and your resume both will look brilliant. And having an international PhD in your resume and certainly publications with the world’s brilliant minds will add tremendous value to your career and your future prospects. Moreover, if you talk about the depth of knowledge, that will also be handy in your dealings with people.

Virtue of enhancing language skills

Have you seen Indian people who have stayed in United States or in UK for a long time? If you notice you would see that there is a big difference between how they used to talk English before than they speak now. Why? Environment changes behaviour. Once you are in an environment where people are more language savvy you need to be able to improve your own language skill to be at par with them. Otherwise it would not be easier for you to adapt to the new environment you would face in foreign land.

Thus going to earn a PhD in a foreign land will help you enhance your language skill and make you the topmost professional in your field. Have you not experienced how a professional with medium language skill is subsided by the one who have superior language skill? If you did, then you must agree that having an enhanced power over language is something to cherish, don’t you?


It’s said that now in this age of digitization all materials are available online. And they all are free. Then why people pay so much money to do an MBA or a PhD or MS? First of all, the degree from a recognized university that helps them to get a job. Secondly they also get to meet certain people who help them achieve what they want to achieve.

If you know about six degrees of separation you should know about this that – you are just six people away from any goal you can conceive in your mind. No matter what is your goal in life, you are just six people away. You need to get connected to only six people and you are done. So you can imagine how knowing people who know influential people are important.

During your foreign PhD degree you would be able to meet and connect with different people who have different expertise and different backgrounds and who would know people you need to connect to. So to be able to network with people who matter would be possible only then when you enrol yourself for a foreign PhD.

These are the reasons for which you should choose a foreign PhD. And they are not negligible. They are important and you know why. They are the cornerstones of your success. But that doesn’t mean if you choose a PhD from India you cannot succeed. You may have a different goal, different aspiration. No matter what it is all comes down to what you want for yourself, who you want to be and what you think you can be. If you dream of being a world class leader in your chosen field, better you choose a foreign PhD and see the world from a different lens.