Phd - Course Details and Career Opportunities

This guide will help you understand the importance of doing Phd and why you should go for a PhD and enhance your Career Opportunities.

Why do a PhD?

Doing a PhD is like a dream for students. But while pursuing a dream most students fall in the trap of not knowing why they’re doing PhD at first place. Thus, it’s important to know that why should you pursue a PhD. The reasons may match with your own reasons, but chances are that the actual reasons for doing a PhD will not match with what you thought are your reasons for pursuing a PhD.

What PhD you should go for - Full time, part time or online?

Answering this question in a single go is not easy as each situation is different and people who do PhD are from varying backgrounds and are having diverse level of experience. Then how to answer this question? And how would you understand what PhD you should go for?

Value creation of PhD - Full time, part time, online

Famous business philosopher Jim Rohn remarked – We don’t get paid for the hour, but what for what we bring into the hour. When judging a program of PhD, you need to see not only the name of the university or the popularity of the program, but the need it serves for your career. And that’s valuable. But how would you understand which is valuable – full time, part time or online.

Which PhD should you choose – national or foreign?

Most of the PhD aspirants who would like to do PhD would know the answer that we asked in the title. But for financial or other they would not make that choice. But our purpose here is to direct the right path where you can achieve your full potential as a professional. Thus, we always recommend that if you can do a PhD it should be from abroad, because what you can gain by doing a PhD abroad, it would not be possible here in India.

What are the possible tests you can take up for applying for PhDs?

Before applying for PhD you need to know what tests you need to sit for PhD in India or PhD in foreign countries. Yes, you need to pick where you will do your PhD and what PhD (full time, part time or online) you will pursue, but if you know beforehand all the possible tests you can take, it will help a lot in later stages. Moreover, you would be able to prepare yourself well for the tests you would like to take.

Course duration and tentative fees of a reputed PhD

The students or professionals who would like to pursue their PhDs are not often sure about the duration of the doctoral studies. Yes, there is an ambiguity in regards to the duration and the fees of PhD. And students want to know how much time they need to put in to be called doctorate and how much fees they need to bear to get that.

Should every engineer go for PhD?

If you are an engineer, a recent pass out or an expert in the field, sometimes in your career, you have thought about this question – “Should I do a PhD?” This article will answer your question. We will critically analyse whether an engineer should do a PhD or not! In the beginning, we will articulate a brief introduction about how profitable a PhD would be if you pursue it and how much opportunity loss you need to bear as a result of not doing your PhD. Then, we will answer four typical questions.

Possible Career Opportunities after completion of PhD

Most of the students who pursue PhD think that there is only one avenue of career after PhD. But if you go through this article you will realize that nothing can be further than the truth. Once you are through with the most gruelling degree of your career you will have multiple opportunities for you. Especially, now-a-days, due to the evolution of studies, everything has become modern, tech-savvy and is at your finger tip.

PhD in US - Advantages

When we talk about PhD, a lot of PhD aspirants would like to pursue their PhD in US. But most of the time, if they are asked the reason, they don’t know exactly why. In this article, we will point out key areas for which US is a great destination for pursuing your PhD. We will not only provide you with reasons, but the data that will prove the reasons.

PhD in India

As we already know that US is the best place to pursue your PhD studies, it’s not always possible for every aspiring student to go to US and pursue their PhD. It is also being assumed that if you don’t want to go to US, you will completely avoid the tour to the foreign countries for pursuing your doctoral studies. It’s not the question of your capacity; rather it may be financial constraint or any other personal issue. Then what would be the alternative? We will talk about it here.

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