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Are you confused about the career to choose after 12'th or graduation. Don't worry, we have answers for your problems. This Career Guidance section provides an insight into various Career Options after 12th and Graduation in various fields like commerce, arts, science, journalism, medical etc.

Careers in Economics & Job Oppurtunities

If you have thought of becoming an Economist, first thing you need to master is the art of analysis. When you can analyse well, you can give some predictions for future market situation very few can decipher beforehand. But to be able to do the analysis you need to be aware of different financial and economic models, master mathematical calculations and be able to represent your predictions through graphical representation. How would you know you would be able to do all that? Only one thing! And that is to have the willingness to understand and learn. If you are wondering how you would get to know what to do in order to become a great Economist, this guide will definitely help you.

Careers in Health Sciences & Job Oppurtunities

If you are more compassionate in nature and feel empathy for your fellow human beings and animals, health sciences may be a career path you should choose. In health sciences, the prerequisite to succeed is to be having kindness and the skills to serve them whenever required. But it is not a profession for a faint hearted person because you may need to cut, stitch, take blood, run different tests which require tearing apart human skins and organs.

Careers in Medical Transcription & Job Oppurtunities

Only one thing will set you apart in this career. It is the ability to take dictation. For that you need to be a detail oriented person. And also you need to be a great listener. If the above description matches with whom you are as a person then certainly medical transcription would become a perfect choice for you. You may wonder where you would get all the information about medical transcription to further your career and make your mark, then let me tell you that you are at the right place.

Careers in Geology & Job Oppurtunities

If you like to go deep, very deep of everything, if you have an inquisitive mind and if you like the adventure of outside world, then Geology is a perfect fit for you. But as simple as it looks on the surface, it is not that easy to pursue. You need to acquire multiple skills depending on which field you would like to work in Geology.

Careers in Meteorology & Job Oppurtunities

Have you ever seen the man or woman standing erect and describing the weather in between the news? Career as a Meteorology is exactly that. It is not always about describing the weather forecast, but actually kneeling down to see what’s happening in the atmosphere, how weather is changing, analysing it and giving a broad perspective for the benefit of men and about how one should adapt to the changing weather. If this sounds good enough, then you are the one who should pursue a career in Meteorology.

Career in B.Pharma & Job Oppurtunities

If you have ever found yourself interested in looking at the backside of tablet packaging, you would know that a lot of ingredients are mentioned on the packaging and also the quantity used. This career guide will help you understand the job of a pharmacist and it will also show you what path you need to take to become an extra-ordinary pharmacist.

Career in Environmental Science and Job opportunities

The purpose of environmental science is to balance the ecology and economy in such a way that everything on earth that is natural lives on for a longer period of time. It is said that nature is capricious and does whatever it wants. But if we look deep we would see that by constant negligence and trying to overcome nature we have made it evident that we are more responsible for global warming, deforestation, climate change and calamities like tsunami.

Career Guidance for Health Care Professionals

There is nothing noble than helping someone in distress. Healthcare professionals are attached with such a profession which allows them to be the service providers all the time, every time. Thus, if you are planning to become a healthcare professional the first thing you need to care about is people and their suffering. If you are doing it for yourself, most probably, after some time you would not be able to continue the pressure and stress of the job.

Career Guidance for Master of Social Work Professionals

If you are deeply passionate about alleviating human beings from the suffering of the world, then you should consider a career in social work. By alleviating suffering of human beings doesn’t mean anything like sainthood or being a monk; rather it means advocating their problems to an authority to enable needful actions. But along with that you also need to remember that the area of social work is not for faint hearted. You need to be courageous enough to fight for the cause and to drive it through till the end. If the above resonates with you then you are the perfect fit for having a career in social work.

Career Guidance for MLT Professionals & Job Oppurtunities

As per most people, if we think about medicine, there is only one option available and that is the option of being a doctor. But if you are keen and have deep interest in medicine at the same time know very well that being a doctor is not the path you would like to tread on, then MLT is for you. For being MLT you need to have a knack for going deep into things and be passionate about discovering new ideas, results and insights.

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