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E-Commerce has taken over almost the whole market. Shopping has got a new dimension because due to E-Commerce you don’t need to go out and buy in malls or brick-mortar stores. You can choose by the comfort of your home and order whatever you like from E-Commerce stores. Building a career in E-Commerce thus is lucrative. As the market is booming for E-Commerce, you need to know the right moves and appropriate ways to learn the basics to be able to make your mark in E-Commerce industry. If you are looking for directions, this career guide will help you find the paths you need to know.

In this career guide, you will get to know what E-Commerce is all about; where you should start your journey of becoming part of E-Commerce industry; how you would get placed in E-Commerce industry; top class companies which offer you jobs in E-Commerce Industry; the compensation you can expect in this industry when you begin; and finally any higher educational opportunities (if any).

How do we define E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is in simple terms doing business electronically. In E-Commerce business, the products and services are offered without having the need to have a brick and mortar model. Now, you can choose any products, almost most of the services just by clicking on the mouse and by sitting at your home; the products will be delivered and the services will be offered at your door step. The focus is always on maximum customer satisfaction and provides customers the ease to choose any product and any services anytime, anywhere.

In E-Commerce industry, if you want to make a career, you have multiple choices. You can choose to be a programmer who writes the code for different application installed in the E-Commerce web store; you can be a customer care executive who helps customers regarding any orders or complaints; you can also choose to be a project manager who will champion a series of products on the store and involve all the people from vendors, advertisers, customers in deciding the final selections of products.

You can also be a marketing evangelist who will champion the E-Commerce store with varied web campaigns and sales promotions; you can also choose to be a digital marketer who will blog and write content in the web store to attract the customers. As the options are many more, you need to know beforehand what you want to become. Once that is clear the path will become significantly easier.

Where to start?

To begin you need to really get to know what E-Commerce industry is all about. Though there is no given path for choosing a career in E-Commerce industry, people have done it and you can do it too. Think about the founders of Flipkart. They came out of Amazon and started their own business. And now, Flipkart is now one of the largest E-Commerce stores in India.

To be able to part of E-Commerce business, you don’t need to do anything drastic like Flipkart founders, but you need to be very clear in which domain you would like to go in. Is it coding, writing, communicating, marketing, logistics, vendor management, IT infrastructure maintenance or digital marketer? You need to be clear about the domain.

And then you can move ahead in your career. Question may come why choose E-Commerce industry where you can go to many other industries for a job hunt? The reason is simple. E-Commerce industry is continuously booming and the latest trend in customer preference is convenience which can only be fulfilled by E-Commerce industry (soon enough, every brick and mortar model will turn into online business)!

How to get placed in E-commerce industry?

One day on a piece of napkin, a 20 something boy wrote a plan to start an E-Commerce store where he wanted to sell t-shirts and hoodies for schools and colleges. And within few years that have become one of the most promising E-Commerce businesses in India where customers (mainly students of schools and colleges) can give the t-shirts and hoodies custom design according to their own choice. It is Alma Meter.

Just like Alma Meter you can start your own E-Commerce store or you can be part of it. If you don’t know how things work and you plan to start your own store, start by working in a largest E-Commerce store, learn the basics, serve the customers, learn the nitty-gritty and eventually start your own.

To do a job in E-Commerce industry, you need to be really good at what you do. As everyone is trying to get placed in E-Commerce Industry, the competition is fierce and the market is hiring only the best. Thus, brush off your skills, hone your basics and then enhance your communication skills. Then apply in any E-Commerce store for the domain you want to work in. You would certainly be able to crack open an opportunity for you.

Top-notch companies which offer jobs in E-Commerce

There are lot of companies which are trying their hands in E-Commerce industry. The following is a brief list of the top class companies which are already making their mark in E-Commerce industry and serving customers for very long time.

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Lenskart
  • Snapdeal
  • Myntra
  • Jabong
  • Indiamart
  • Alibaba
  • Alma Meter

Skill-sets required to be able to make your mark in E-Commerce business

You need to have following skills to be able to make a dent in the E-Commerce industry –

  • A deep understanding of how things work in E-Commerce store. It is completely different from brick and mortar stores. In virtual stores, the overhead costs are less but the cost of server is huge. If you want to be part of E-Commerce industry, you need to know every nook and corner of E-Commerce industry.
  • You need to learn the basics very well no matter what domain you choose to work in.
  • You should have an excellent communication skill, both written and spoken.
  • You need to have a basic background in IT so that even if you are in different domain, you can understand where things can go wrong and take actions immediately.
  • You need to be a crisis manager because customers’ complaints are day to day affair in E-Commerce business. If something emergent arises, you need to be ready to handle it.

If you would like to start your own E-Commerce store, you need to be well versed in hiring the best talents in the industry and you need to really give a due thought how you would champion your ideas, products and services.


As there are multiple job opportunities in E-Commerce industry, the salary range differs. But no matter what domain you choose to enter into, you can expect around US $5,000 to $15,000 per annum. As your domain experience increases, you can ask for better pay and earn much more.

Higher Educational Opportunities

There are ample opportunities to learn and grow. For example, if you have been aiming to become a programmer then after graduation, you can go for MBA in distance or part time so that you can continue with your work and can also get a degree for achieving a higher rung. Other than master degrees, PG diplomas, PhDs, you can also do many courses like SEO course, Digital Marketing course if you are in marketing domain etc.

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