Careers in Multimedia - Required Skills & Job Oppurtunities

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In this age of internet, multimedia is a great career option. If you are creative, has flair for handling complex problems, love to code and can adjust working in high-tech environment, you are a perfect fit for multimedia. Multimedia is a perfect combination of computers and arts. And if you choose to ride on this career option it would be wild ride for sure. But how to go about it and what do you need to do in order to be excellent in multimedia and how well you would get paid and harness your talent for creativity will be answered in this guide.

In this career guidance, you will get to know what multimedia is all about; if you are truly passionate about it how to start and where to embark your journey from; how would you get placed after learning nitty-gritty in multimedia; top companies that offer jobs for multimedia; the specific skill sets required for multimedia; what can be the honorarium if you choose this as a viable career option; and lastly whether there are any opportunities for higher education or not.

How do we define Multimedia?

If you have completed a course in Multimedia you would know that multimedia is an interactive course which blends art, science, graphics, coding, animation, texts, sounds and video clips. This section might seem irrelevant to you. But this section is included in order to give you a brief outlook on what multimedia is all about.
To be in the domain of multimedia, you need to be proficient in computers and creating graphics and video clips. Along with that multimedia is not only the domain of creators and artists. Before creating anything via multimedia, you need to do a thorough analysis about the customers’ needs and what you can deliver as a creator. Remember the sweet spot between these two would be the ideal area where you should give your emphasis on.

Other than that, you need to know how to do project requirement identification, production of audio and video clips, story-board prototypes, and audience identification. So, you know already that multimedia is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to master most of the above skills to be able to perform exceedingly well as multimedia professional.

Where to start?

Becoming a multimedia professional doesn’t require something extra-ordinary. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in hard work. You need to work hard but in a right direction. The first thing you should emphasize on is the part of drawing. If you don’t have an eye for art, it would hard for you to make a name in multimedia. But if you feel you can improve, start simply by drawing and sketching to see how far you can improve before creating prototype in computer.

The second thing you need to master is to understand the market trend and what’s hot in the market. You need to practice analysing the market and customers’ preferences so that you can create something that actually sells.

The third thing which needs your attention is coding. If you know what coding is all about, then it would be easier for you to program and create things by your own hands. If you have ever created anything by only your two hands how it feels. If you don’t know how to code, you can start with HTML and can eventually master other languages. HTML is very easy to learn and once you learn it will give you confidence to learn further and better.

How to get placed after course completion?

If you would like to get placed as a multimedia professional, then you need to have multimedia degree. Multimedia degree is a must. But other than that degree you can also do other related professional courses to add value to your knowledge and skill. The most important professional course you can do other than multimedia degree is a course on graphic designs. In multimedia, the significance of graphic designs cannot be overemphasized.

Thus, it is a must if you would like to get an edge over others. Other than graphic design you also need to have familiarity with web based designs which takes a significant role in multimedia. If you have flair in web based designs, then you will be able to skilfully handle macromedia flash and other such applications. You also need to have at least one or two year of experience in coding and visual basics.

To save time, along with pursuing multimedia degree, you can learn coding and visual basics simultaneously. Other than technical part, you also need to hone your communication skills. Because multimedia is not only about technical aspect rather it is also about how you can efficiently convince clients of your effectiveness and fetch the deals. For that you need to have excellent spoken and written communication skill.

If the above two – the hard skill and the soft skill are polished and taken care of, then you don’t need to worry about getting placed as a multimedia professional ever again.

Top Companies which offer jobs for Multimedia

There are a great lot of multimedia companies which are specifically providing jobs for multimedia professionals. The top notch companies in multimedia domain are as follows.

  • Streambox Inc
  • Telestream
  • Antenna Technology Communications Inc
  • SafeNet
  • Triveni Digital
  • Evertz
  • ViewCast Corporation
  • Computer Prompting & Captioning - CPC
  • EVS
  • Digital Rapids

Skill sets required for getting jobs in Multimedia

The following skills are of utter importance and if you would like to become a great multimedia professional then you need to acquire these skills by any means. Please have a look at them.

  • You need to have basic ground in HTML, XML, Java, Visual Basics and other programing language in order to ensure that you can code whenever required
  • You also need to have good knowledge in graphic designs and master the nitty-gritty of it
  • You need to have expertise in web based designs and should have knowledge in software like macromedia flash, Netobjects Fusion, FrontPage and other such applications.
  • It is added advantage to have knowledge in Photoshop and Dreamweaver
  • Moreover you need to have a recognized degree from any of the following institutes – ITT Technical Institute, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division, Westwood College of technology. But if you would like to do the multimedia course in India, you can also go for it
  • You also need to have soft skills to manage the customers and understand their preference and ultimately fetch new clients


The compensation for a multimedia professional is astounding. If you are good multimedia professional you would get good salary package. The package can be ranged around US $40,000 to $73,000 in US, UK. In India the package is around US $10,000.

Higher education opportunities

As multimedia professional the more you add value to yourself, more are your chances of growth. Thus if you can also go for additional courses like graphic designs, web based designs and codes, then you should go for them.

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