Careers in Fashion Designing - Skill Required, Job Openings

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If you ever plan to adorn people with your magic, then certainly you must choose a career which gives you that option. Fashion Designing is one of the best career choices you will make if you are the combination of artistic magnificence and have the knowledge of nitty-gritty of fashion and its materials. Even if you have no idea what are the prerequisites of becoming an excellent fashion designer, this career guide will help you shape up your career.

In this career guide, you will find the basic foundation of fashion designing; if you would like to start your career as fashion designer where should you start; after course completion whether you get a job as a fashion designer or do your own work, how to pave the path of success; which domain of work in fashion designing will suit your need and how would you choose which domain/specification best suits you; top notch companies which offer jobs for fashion designers; basic skill sets required for fashion designing; how well you will get paid if you join the industry; and last but not least what are the higher education opportunities for fashion designers.

How do we define Fashion Designing?

This section will help you the basic foundation of fashion designing. It is specifically relevant if you are just starting out your career in fashion designing. Unlike other profession, fashion designing needs a background in drawing. Not at an expert level, but at a level, where you can express your ideas in the form of sketches. Because the first part of designing any attire is to express yourself on paper! Once the idea of designing a new cloth comes in your mind, you need to take a pencil and paper and make a rough sketch.
Later, from that sketch, you need to measure up the size and material of the cloth and create a new set of design. When the end product comes, it may or may not match with your vision of the final product. If it matches then you don’t need to make any adjustments. If it doesn’t then you need to make corrections by applying the changes.
It is best to use a prototype model for designing first. Because chances of matching the final product with your actual vision are not always good! If you build a prototype and make adjustments to the prototype then it would be easier for you while making actual clothe which will save time, effort and at the same time a lot of money.

The above is a high level description of what fashion designer usually does. But if you think just after completion of your degree, you would start off with designing clothes, you are wrong. You need to know the modern trends, do your own research of the market about what are working, what is hot and then adding your creativity to the design. If you have thought to become a fashion designer you certainly need to do your homework before you actual
start to design.

Where to start?

If you have a passion for fashion designing you would be aware that there are thousands of fashion designers available in India and the world who do a great job in designing new sort of clothes and styles.

Thus, your first area of preparation should be being very much knowledgeable about new design. What works for one country or one type of demographic will not work for another. You need to know all the different kinds of styles in designs, what are being used specifically by renowned fashion designers, what works and doesn’t work for particular demographic, modern trends and the hybrid options available.

And once you are confident that you know enough to design your own, take a piece of paper and pencil and try to design your own thing. You can choose any area, a top, a skirt, a new set of jewellery, anything that you like. And draw a picture of that on paper. Match with your idea of that particular thing.

Next step you can take is to visit several fashion stores where different kinds of fashion items are at display. Try to gather ideas from them and take notes and have your personal reflections on them. Also find out what kinds of materials are used for transforming your first design into reality. Nothing can be better than trying out by your own hands.

You can only succeed if you keep on trying and keep on making new things. Yes, you will make lot of mistakes and things often will go wrong. But don’t worry! That is part of the learning process. Having a degree from a college is not enough; you need to do it yourself. That is how you learn best.

How to get placed/managed to work independently after the course completion in Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is a great career if you would like to reach new heights and explore varied opportunities. Not all fashion designers join jobs after completion of their course. Rather they start their own boutique or their own consulting firm where they have ample opportunities to grow. Starting your own thing gives you creative freedom to design things you would want to design without any interference of any superior or any significant others.

No matter what you choose to do, you need to have clients to do work for. Whether you are in a job or you start your own practice, you need to know the nitty-gritty of what works and what doesn’t. You need to be aware of a wide range of fabrics and styles, i.e. jeans, kid’s wear, men’s wear, women’s wear, sportswear, knitwear and so on and so forth.

To be the best fashion designer around, you need to know the following things well which will also help you get placed. And if you start off your own then the below will also help to have worthy clients.

  • If you know how to design costumes for TV Artists, Stage Artists
  • If you know how to do historical research and design research
  • If you know how to execute pattern cutting
  • If you know how to assemble the first samples with fabrics sourced from the market
  • If you have the ability to manage the firms and fashion houses which manufactures huge collection of trendy clothes.

Skill sets required for getting jobs in Fashion Designing

There are specific skill sets which are required for performing exceedingly well as fashion designers. They are as follows.

  • You should have a deep understand of market and consumer lifestyle
  • You have a knack for sketching
  • An eye for detail is a must
  • You also need to have excellent business acumen to run and market your business
  • Creative skill and artistic ability are must for success
  • You should have good eye for colours, shades and tones of the garment and material
  • You also need to master three dimension view for transmuting the clothes from what you have visualized in the beginning


If you start off your own then the income and profit varies as per your skills and marketing abilities. But if you would like to join a company then the chances of getting a higher salary are much better than any other similar professions. The range of compensation you can expect around US $10,000 to $20,000 in the beginning. Once you have more experience and you become better at above skills you compensation improves drastically.

Higher education opportunities

Very few people who have once done fashion designing go for higher education. But if you would like to explore options for higher education you can consider getting a degree from outside India. The renowned colleges from where you can do your fashion designing courses are Drexel University, Philadelphia; The Bunka College, Tokyo; Middlesex Polytechnic, London; School of the Art Institute, Chicago etc.

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