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Are you confused about the career to choose after 12'th or graduation. Don't worry, we have answers for your problems. This Career Guidance section provides an insight into various Career Options after 12th and Graduation in various fields like commerce, arts, science, journalism, medical etc.

Careers in Human Resource - Skills Required & Job Openings

If you have always been dreaming about being a Human Resource Professional, then this guide will help you make your dream come true. Most professionals are apprehensive about HR career as they hear a lot of rumours about HR being the most under-paid and infamous people in a whole professional setting. But nothing can be further from the truth. HR people are most important factor for a business. Even HR functions are treated as the support activities in a business scenario, HR can make or break a business.

Careers in Chartered Accountancy - Salary & Career Options

If you ever want to be rock star in your field and have deep passion for accounting then you should be moving toward a career path that will give you honour, prestige and at the same time a lot of value to create fortune for yourself and for whom you will work. Yes, it is about chartered accountancy. Students from all over India and even in outside India are aiming for this lucrative course where only your dedication matters.

Careers in Fashion Designing - Skill Required, Job Openings

If you ever plan to adorn people with your magic, then certainly you must choose a career which gives you that option. Fashion Designing is one of the best career choices you will make if you are the combination of artistic magnificence and have the knowledge of nitty-gritty of fashion and its materials. Even if you have no idea what are the prerequisites of becoming an excellent fashion designer, this career guide will help you shape up your career.

Careers in Multimedia - Required Skills & Job Oppurtunities

In this age of internet, multimedia is a great career option. If you are creative, has flair for handling complex problems, love to code and can adjust working in high-tech environment, you are a perfect fit for multimedia. Multimedia is a perfect combination of computers and arts. And if you choose to ride on this career option it would be wild ride for sure. But how to go about it and what do you need to do in order to be excellent in multimedia and how well you would get paid and harness your talent for creativity will be answered in this guide.

Careers in Agriculture and Job Opputunities

If you love animals and plants and have curiosity of why and how plants grow and like to make a career out of it, then certainly you should go for the field of agriculture. But let us mention that agriculture is not for everyone. Why? Because to be successful in the domain of agriculture you need to have specialized knowledge.

Careers in Animation - Choices, Required Skills, Salaries

The word “animation” stems from a Latin word “animatio” which means “giving life to”. That means if you have chosen to be a professional animator, you would not only be creating moving pictures; rather you would give life to the characters which will seem to be real. Thus, this lucrative career is for those who have flair of passion of creating new things with their own two hands. It’s such a joy to be able to create something that can move, talk, act and make everything seem real.

Careers in Hotel Management - Job Opportunities & Salary

Unlike other professions, hotel management is not knowledge based career; rather it has everything to do with personality. If you feel that you have a good personality and you present yourself well in front of others, then by honing your interpersonal and soft skills you would be a perfect hotel manager around. If you are confused about how to get there and how should you approach your career in hotel management, then this guide will help you get all the legit information.

Career in Journalism - Skills Required, Job Openings & Salaries

Journalism is all about sharing and conveying information in such a way that the people who read your stuff get entertained, informed or sometimes even enlightened. Thus, if you are the one who thinks about a career in journalism, know that it is a huge responsibility. The writing part may seem easy; but standing for a cause, writing on it, fighting for it and even evangelizing it is a major task. But if you feel passionate about it, you can take path to become an award-winning journalist.

Careers in E-Commerce & Job Oppurtunities

E-Commerce has taken over almost the whole market. Shopping has got a new dimension because due to E-Commerce you don’t need to go out and buy in malls or brick-mortar stores. You can choose by the comfort of your home and order whatever you like from E-Commerce stores. Building a career in E-Commerce thus is lucrative. As the market is booming for E-Commerce, you need to know the right moves and appropriate ways to learn the basics to be able to make your mark in E-Commerce industry. If you are looking for directions, this career guide will help you find the paths you need to know.

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