Harvard MBA - Programs Offered & Admission Procedure

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If you have ever thought of pursuing a career of your dreams and you are ambitious enough, then you may choose an MBA which has an excellent track record, offers world-class faculty and has its name all over the world as world’s most lucrative MBA. Yes, we’re talking about Harvard MBA. It’s not another MBA from a second or third-tier B-School. But it is something that you have only imagined in your wildest dreams. Let us have a look at Programs Offered and Admission Procedure for Harvard.

In this article we will go in details about Harvard MBA and how it is different than other regular MBA's, the lucrative programs offered by Harvard Business School, how you would be able to take admission in Harvard Business School and Executive MBA offered by Harvard. Let’s dive in.

Harvard MBA and how it is different from other regular MBA's?

Harvard MBA is not like any other ordinary MBA. Every day when the class starts at Harvard Business School, every student is asked a question, a significant question. A question that moves every student, every day and every single time the question is asked. The question is – “What will you do?” This question reminds every student about their purpose of pursuing Harvard MBA. And helps them remember about the big picture they have set for themselves.

Other than world-class recognition and lucrative career options there are six particular things that set Harvard MBA apart.

Global Intelligence

Harvard MBA is a culmination of local expertise and global perspective. As the faculties and students are all diverse and belong to varied cultures, Harvard MBA can prepare its students with global intelligence and unparalleled subject knowledge that no one can compete with.

Learning in practice

Unlike other MBA programs, Harvard MBA is not all theory, rather it teaches practical lessons, hone the students’ intellectual ability to think, ponder, judge and solve complex case studies and problems. Thus, the students at Harvard are much more skilful and full of practical knowledge rather than knowing plethora of theoretical stuffs. And that helps them stand out at the top.


No business study is complete without starting out new venture/s on your own. Most MBA teach you how to do a business in real world. But Harvard MBA helps you to start your own venture right away. They offer i-Lab program through which students can connect with Entrepreneurs who have already made their mark in business arena, can create networks and share their innovative ideas.

Residential Learning Community

It says that united we stand and divided we fall. Harvard MBA is offering the residential learning community where the day starts at 7 am in the morning. The students sit together, discuss complex problems, brainstorm solutions and share knowledge. No other residential programs emphasize so much on united work and sharing of expertise and knowledge.

Relationships with the Alumni

Students at Harvard have the opportunities to meet the Alumni and connect with them, discuss ideas and create opportunities for themselves. In other regular MBAs, students have the opportunity to meet alumni, but those meetings don’t go to the extent Harvard MBA takes it to.

Publications and Resources

If you have decided to do MBA at Harvard, there is another opportunity to publish your own findings, use resources like libraries, books, research papers, notes from 217 world renowned faculties and many more. This sort of opportunity is very rare in any other regular MBA programs.

Programs offered at Harvard

As we have already discussed that how Harvard MBA is the most prestigious and recognized MBA in the world, Harvard Business School offers some lucrative programs for the best minds in the world. Let’s briefly look at the programs offered. Harvard Business School offers 3 exclusive programs.


This is the first flagship program of Harvard Business School. This is a two year full time regular and residential program which emphasizes on real-world practice. It is an MBA program that uses the aid of both classroom and case study method. The students are offered various, complex case studies to solve, find alternatives and seek out the best solution by brainstorming and by using mental models for business. Harvard MBA also supports and encourages students to start their own venture instead of joining a company.

Executive Program

From leadership, strategy, finance to entrepreneurship and innovation Harvard Business School provides a broader array of executive programs in all over the world. Its main three places where it offers executive MBA programs are Boston, Mumbai and Shanghai. From all over the world, senior executives opt for this Executive Education to hone their skill, upgrade their knowledge and sharpen their business expertise.

Doctoral Program

Once the master degree is complete, HBS also provides Doctoral Program for its students. Usually, the duration of the doctoral program is 4-5 years out of which the students need to stay at campus for almost 2.5 years and the rest they can be their own subject to they submit their dissertation on time. Students from all over the world apply for doctoral program at Harvard Business School due to its world-wide recognition and world-class faculties and facilities. Once you successfully complete your PhD from Harvard Business School, you are ready for an amazing career that you have only dreamt of in your wildest dream.

Admission Procedure

The admission procedure is quite simple in HBS. They follow a three step process for admission. But before knowing about the admission procedure, you need to pay heed to some requirements. To apply for MBA at Harvard, you need the following requirements.

  • A 4 year undergraduate degree course or its equivalent.
  • GMAT/GRE Test Results
  • TOEFL, iBT or IELTS test results if you are a non-native English speaker

Once you have the above requirements duly adhered, you can follow the below mentioned three step admission process for furthering your application process.

Provide a written application

To apply at Harvard MBA program, you need to submit a number of materials together. You need to attach an official transcript of your graduation degree, your GMAT/GRE Scorecard, TOEFL/IELTS result, Essay, two recommendation letters, your updated resume, an application for acceptance of policies of Harvard Business School and application fee (which is US $250 non-refundable application fee).


If your application is reviewed and accepted, you may be called for face to face interview. Getting a call for interview is definitely a positive sign, but that also means that the interviewers at Harvard will try to get a big picture of your candidacy as a whole. So, you need to prepare well and update yourself about how you should present yourself in front of the interview panel in order to be able to crack the interview. The interview can be scheduled in the campus or via Skype where you need to be equally professional in your approach. If you take this part seriously, may be the doorway for Harvard will be open for you.

Post Interview Reflection

After giving the interview, within 24 hours you need to submit a written reflection report about what you think about the interview. The step-by-step procedure of how to write the reflection report will be instructed to the candidates who would be called for face to face interview.

Executive MBA from Harvard

HBS provides a varied range of Executive programs. From 3 days program to more than a month programs are available all over the world. The following are the brief overview of more than one month executive programs at Harvard Business School.

Program for Leadership Development

Leadership is one of the most important areas HBS emphasize upon. It is ideally a 6 month program and the fees for the program are US $45,000. The location of this program is HBS Campus.

General Management Program

It is a 3-month course. Its main emphasis is on General Management and setting up the basic foundation of the students. It is mainly for executives. The cost of this program is US $63,000. HBS Campus is the location for this program.

Senior Executive Program for China

It is a 4 month course and the cost of this program is US $61,000. The program’s location is HBS Campus, China. The main focus of this program is to emphasize on the strategic aspect of business and it is specifically designed for senior executives.

Advanced Management Program

This program is for those who already have basic foundations for management. The cost of this program is a little higher than the other programs due to its in-depth insights into complex management concepts. The fees of this program are US $75,000. It is a short duration course, only 2 months. The location of the program is HBS Campus.

Managing Health Care Delivery

This is a bit lengthy program compared to other programs offered by Harvard Business School. It is a 7 month program specifically concentrated on Health Care Delivery. And its main participants are people who are directly or indirectly related to Healthcare Profession. The cost is on a lower range, only US $24,000. The location of the program is HBS Campus.