MBA Career Opportunities and Best Programs

In this section, we are going to discuss best MBA programs, various career opportunities and options after the course along with Job Opportunities, expected salaries and future scope.

How to choose the right MBA Program and Business School after engineering

When you decide to do an MBA after engineering or any other degree, you are willing to put in 2 years of your life, a lot of investment and a massive effort to make a mark in your career. If you don’t choose it well, chances are that you would miss the maximum benefits that you could get if you would choose the business school and MBA program well.

List of Top MBA Programs- Best Institutes, Expected Salaries & Future Scope

Like other master degrees MBA has also evolved over the years. It is not only a mere degree of Business Administration; rather now it has many specializations, many programs and much diverse scope. In this article, we will discuss specializations you can take for your MBA after engineering or any degree, the best MBA courses in the world, the scope of each MBA course, the expected salaries and many more. Just sit back and read it through the whole article.

What are the possible MBA Entrance Exams in India and how to prepare for them?

Once you have decided to do your MBA, it’s time to prepare for entrance exams. The actual preparation starts when you have already made a list of B-Schools where you would like to take admission and the specialization you have already selected. The preparation you need to take is for tests which is an important part to achieve your dream of getting admitted to the B-School you have always desired.

Executive MBA programs for working professionals - When to do and EMBA from IIM

Executive MBA programs are real boon for MBA aspirants. Why? Because, not all have the same advantage to go for MBA just after they complete their graduation! People from all walks of life may have a dream, a desire to pursue MBA. But due to responsibility or lack of financial ability, they couldn’t do what they wanted to do. Executive MBA programs are doorway for for working professionals who can pursue their dreams now and reach higher rung in their existing career.

Best Online MBA Programs - Advantages and Disadvantages, Top Free Online MBA courses

Pursuing an MBA program is a decision you make when you need to get ahead of the current position you are in and you feel stuck. But not everyone has the liberty to throw away the existing position they are in and pursue their aspiration of doing a full time MBA. And also part time MBA doesn’t add as much value as full time MBAs do. So what’s the alternative? The alternative is to apply for a reputed and best Online MBA programs from renowned and top class MBA institutes around the world.

Studying MBA in India or MBA in US, Germany or Australia - Pros & Cons

Choosing to do an MBA is a big decision. And the most important factor in choosing the right MBA for you is to decide what you exactly want out from this MBA. Are you looking after six figure income in few years down the line in an international company? Or are you aiming to start your own business and you would like to brush off few skills and hone your business acumen? No matter what is your ultimate goal of doing an MBA, while choosing this question always comes to mind that what would be an appropriate choice – a Foreign MBA or an MBA in India?

Best MBA Programs and Universities, Top Online and Executive MBA Courses

Selecting the best MBA programs, best universities, best online MBA courses and best Executive MBA programs are always dependent on certain factors. Cost, payback period, placement offered, recognition received and return on investments are all critical factors if you would like to choose the best of everything in MBA.

Harvard MBA - Programs Offered & Admission Procedure

If you have ever thought of pursuing a career of your dreams and you are ambitious enough, then you may choose an MBA which has an excellent track record, offers world-class faculty and has its name all over the world as world’s most lucrative MBA. Yes, we’re talking about Harvard MBA. It’s not another MBA from a second or third-tier B-School. But it is something that you have only imagined in your wildest dreams. Let us have a look at Programs Offered and Admission Procedure for Harvard.

Jobs for MBA Graduates (Fresher)

Even if lot many students pursue MBA to get a grip over the management subject and to hone their business acumen, the majority of the students pursue MBA to make it a means to an end. A lucrative job opportunity is what they look for. In this article we will talk about the nitty-gritty of the jobs for MBA fresh graduates, the top employers they should aim at and the scope and possibility of their career in India and abroad.

MBA in Finance - Salary, Jobs, Scope, Top B-Schools in India for MBA in Finance

MBA in Finance is one of the most sought after specializations in India and in the whole world. As an MBA in Finance allows students to be skilled in Mathematics, Financial Management, Economics, Complex Case Solving Ability and many more. No other specialization can give students so much of dynamism than Finance gives, thus every student who has a keen nature to solve complex problems from the heap of mixed and mingled wires of business challenges, is perfect fit for Finance specialization.

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