Aptitude Questions, Test Formulas and Tricks

Aptitude Questions, Test Formulas
The articles in this section provide fast and easy methods to solve Aptitude Questions on LCM, HCF, Number System, Trains, Time and Speed, Boats and Streams, Mixtures and Alligations, Pipes and Cisterns, Cyclicity of numbers, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Average, Percentage and Ages. In each topic we had provided tips and tricks, math shortcuts and formulas with detailed explanation to solve Aptitude problems. Hope these articles will help you crack CAT, CPT, CSAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, Bank PO Exams. To test your aptitude skills, fully solved mock online aptitude test is provided with each category for self assessment before appearing for Competitive exams and Campus Interview. 

Number System Tutorial II: Divisibility, Remainder, HCF & LCM

This a continuation of article on number system. Here we will discuss few of the important concepts like divisibility, remainders HCF and LCM. This would help us in solving questions which require you to find the remainder when a large number is divided by another. Also, we'll discuss some shortcuts to find the remainders when a number is divided by specific numbers, quickly, based on the pattern.

Number System Tutorial Part III: Factors, Multiples, Unit Digit and Last Two Digits of Exponents

This is a continuation of article on number system. Here we will discuss few of the important concepts factors, multiples, applications of HCF and LCM in finding remainder, factorial etc. This will help you in solving aptitude problems related power, reminder etc very quickly. Also, we'll look at concepts and shortcuts in finding the unit digit (last digit) and last two digit of large exponent expression.

Time & Distance Tutorial I: Basic Concepts, Average Speed & Variation of Parameters

Time and distance is one of the main sources for tricky quantitative questions in the well fame, well designed B-school entrance exams. An aspirant can expect 4 to 6 questions from this topic in CAT and CAT level exams. MAT and CMAT are playing a lot with this topic. For a better performance in this area, aspirants are required to acquire a certain level of awareness and skills which are mentioned below:

Time and Distance Tutorial II: Relative Speed, Linear & Circular Races, Meeting Points

This is a continuation of tutorial on solving problems related to time and distance. In this chapter, we'll look at important concepts in time and distance related problems like relative speed, linear races, circular races and meeting points in circular race. This would help you to solve majority of time and distance related problems quickly using simple shortcuts and tricks.

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