Top 10 universities in US,UK for pursuing MS

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Everyone dreams of pursuing their MS in world’s top notch institutes. If you are an MS aspirant and if you have a dream to study in the top 10 world class institutes in the world, you are at the right place. This guide will show you the details of world’s most sought after institutes in USA and in other foreign lands. We will also describe how to get into it, salary expectation, fees and the subjects you can study there.

Let’s dig in and see the best institutes in the world to pursue MS.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

The best university to pursue your MS is Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is world’s most sought after university not only for MS but for any for your any educational aspiration. But getting into it is not that easy. GRE score is accepted here. But you need to score more than 333. Less than 333 wouldn’t be counted as MIT only offers entry to the world’s best minds.

So if you ever plan to get into MIT, start your preparation at that level. Along with that IELTS/TOEFL both are accepted. If you give IELTS you need to score above 7. And if you would like to give TOEFL, you need to score minimum 100. If you can get an entry in MIT, your future would be glorious. The salary range that you can expect after passing out would be US $100,000.

The best course to pursue in MIT in regards to MS is Mechanical Engineering. The fee for MS course in MIT is around US $46,000.

Stanford University, USA

The second on the list is the most renowned Stanford University. Again if you dream of pursuing your MS from a recognized and brilliant institute Stanford University would be among your most preferred institutes to get into. GRE is accepted here. But again you need to score anything between 330-335 or more. In Stanford, only TOEFL is accepted.

Thus you need to attempt TOEFL and score minimum of 89. But in comparison with the fee in MIT, the fee in Stanford is almost double. The fee is around US $78,000. The salary you can expect after completion would be US $85,000-100,000. The best course to pursue MS in Stanford is Electrical Engineering.

University in California (Berkley Campus), USA

The third position in the world is taken by University of California, the Berkley Campus. If you miss out on Stanford or MIT, your next preferred choice should be University of California. But make sure that you have enough budget to pursue the MS. Because the course fee is much higher than Stanford and MIT. The fee is around US $86,000 for pursuing MS.

The best courses you can pursue in the University of California are Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. To get into the University of California you need to score above 330 in GRE. It entertains IELTS and TOEFL both. To get an entry you need to score minimum 7 in IELTS and 90 in TOEFL. The placement package would be around US 80,000-85,000 depending on the specialization you choose.

University of Cambridge, UK

The fourth institute to pursue MS is the University of Cambridge, UK. It’s one of the most prestigious institutes to pursue Engineering for Sustainable Development. To get an entry you need to give Cambridge English Language Assessment (CAE) and you need to score A. You may also give IELTS and the minimum score should be 7. The fee is relatively low. It is around US $52,000.

The placement opportunity is also most lucrative, but it varies according to the specialization chosen and on the variability of company offerings.

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

The next spot is taken by Georgia Institute of Technology. To get an entry you need to take GRE exam and TOEFL. In GRE you need to score anything above 328 and in TOEFL, the minimum score should be 79. The best courses to pursue in Georgia Institute of Technology are Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

The fees are very reasonable, slightly more than Stanford University. It’s around US $50,000. If you pass out from this university, you will be able to attract a lucrative package and compensation.

University of Michigan, USA: University of Michigan is on the sixth spot for pursuing MS in the world. What’s most attractive about this university is the fee. Its fee is around US $23,500. GRE is accepted here and you need to score above 333. You can opt for IELTS or TOEFL. If you sit for IELTS you need to score minimum 7 and if you take TOEFL exam, then your minimum score should be 88.

As the fee is very low, the demand of this university is much more than any other university. The best course to pursue here is Electrical Engineering. You need to really prepare hard to get into this university because once you are in your future would be brilliant.

California Institute of Technology, USA

The seventh position is taken by California Institute of Technology to pursue your MS. Compared to University of Michigan, the fee is almost triple, around US $73,000. Even if the fee is higher the opportunities here are much more as they accept IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, PTE for language proficiency and GRE for generic selection.

The best course to pursue in California Institute of Technology is Civil Engineering. The future will be amazing if you can get into this university. But you need to check your budget and plan accordingly,

National University of Singapore, Singapore

The only Asian university among the top 10 universities in the world to pursue MS is National University of Singapore. They only accept TOEFL for language proficiency. You need to score at least 60 to get entry into this university. The fee is also reasonable, around US $43,000. The best course to pursue your MS in National University of Singapore is Mechanical Engineering.

University of Illinois (Urbana Campus), USA

The next on the list is University of Illinois, the Urbana Campus. You can either opt for IELTS or for TOEFL in regards to language proficiency. If you opt for IELTS, your minimum score should be 6.5 and if you sit for TOEFL, then you should score at least 79. GRE is accepted here. The best course to pursue here is Computer Science. The fee is on the lower side, around US $30,000.

Northwestern University, USA

The last among the top 10 universities to pursue MS is Northwestern University. GRE, IELTS and TOEFL are accepted here. Minimum IELTS score should be 7 and minimum TOEFL score should be 80. The fee is in the higher side, around US $70,000. The best course to pursue here is Environmental Engineering and Science.

The above are the top 10 universities that are most renowned and sought after. If you are an MS aspirant your target should always be to get into one of these institutes. Start preparing. You can get into one of these universities. It’s not mere talent, rather sheer will. If you are willing, get committed; the clock is ticking.

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