Top 10 courses for MS specialization

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Most MS aspirants are in a dilemma about what course to choose after they complete their graduation degree. Because, all courses seem equally lucrative and the fees and faculties for all the available courses are almost similar! Thus, the task becomes daunting. To help you with the best options available to you, we will articulate 10 most lucrative courses for MS.

In the beginning

First of all, even if you will have a handy list of top 10 courses below, don’t choose the course just for getting yourself placed well. All of the courses mentioned below are top notch courses but choose one of them not on the basis of market valuation, but on the basis of your own valuation of yourself. If you choose well, you will never regret your decision in future.

Moreover, you also need to be ready with a reasonable amount of money. Because most of the top courses are reasonably expensive, well beyond US $40,000. Don’t look at the salary only; look at the constraints also to plan well beforehand.

Let’s talk about the top 10 MS courses.

MS in Computer Science

Over a decade, the specialization in computer science trumps over all other courses. The basic reason of behind topping the list is of course the placement and salary it offers. Moreover the top notch institutes in the world, MIT, Stanford, Princeton etc. offer computer science specialization to its top-notch students.

If your career aspiration is such and you have always been a top-class student, then this is the perfect option for you. If you pass out from any top-notch university, chances are you will get placed at a salary of more than US $50,000 in the beginning only. But there are students who are receiving way beyond US $100,000. So, now you have an idea. If computer science is the subject that drives you most, go for it without any doubt.

MS in Criminal Justice

This specialization may make you frown. It’s surprising to know that criminal justice would take the second position. But the primary reason it is one of the most sought after MS courses is its prospects of research and job opportunities. If you like detection, often go into the core of any event or always try to dig down to find out the truth, you are perfect fit for this position.

Walden University, Kaplan University are two of the world-class institutes for MS specialization in Criminal Justice. The placement opportunities are magnificent and if you can grab any management position, the compensation would start from US $100,000 per annum.

MS in Electrical Engineering

MS in Engineering is always very popular. After computer science, electrical engineering stands as one of the top most MS programs in the world. If you have completed your graduation in Electrical Engineering, it’s always better to further your career by doing MS in the same specialization.

The reason it is so popular that it provides an immense opportunity to job seekers in various fields. The universities that offer the specialization are also top-class like Harvard, Stanford and Princeton. Though compensation depends on the location, company and from the university you do your MS in electrical engineering, the salary would range anywhere from US $80,000 to US $115,000.

MS in Mathematics

In country like India, maybe a master degree in Mathematics is not valuable. But in US and other foreign countries MS degree in Mathematics is one of the most adorable career choices. The opportunities of MS in Mathematics are mainly in government organizations to solve different complex problems. If you can manage to do MS in Mathematics especially from a top-notch university in US, then your compensation package would be more than US $100,000 per annum as a starting salary. MS in Mathematics is offered by world-class universities like MIT, Harvard and Princeton.

MS in Information System

MS in Information System is very different than a degree in Computer Science. Computer Science takes care of the entire engineering of the computer related aspects whereas Information System mainly emphasizes on the software portion of it. But in compensation Information System is not less noteworthy.

Any MS graduate having the specialization in Information System would get the compensation in the same range a MS in Computer Science would get. MIT, University of Texas are two of the most sought after universities to do MS in Information System.

MS in Physics

Physics is one of the best subjects if you would like to pursue your MS aspiration. If you have completed your graduation in Physics or about to complete, you may think about Physics as a lucrative opportunity.

Even if it is not an engineering field, if you aspire to become a space scientist or would like to facilitate in metaphysics exploration, MS in Physics will help you a ton. Even the compensation package is lucrative. Anything in the range of US $70,000 to US $80,000 per annum for starting salary. The top universities like Harvard, MIT and UCB offer MS in Physics.

MS in Nursing

Not everyone will opt for nursing. But if you love to serve and if you would like the medical field, then there is ample opportunity for you to shine in nursing field. According to the US Bureau of Labor, it is mentioned that in nursing the opportunity will increase by 22% in the year 2018-2019.

The average salary you can get if you complete your MS in nursing is around US $60,000 per annum which is not a bad number by any means. John Hopkins University, University of Washington are top notch institutes to pursue MS in nursing.

MS in Economics

The number eight position is taken by Economics. It’s wonderful to know that Economics comes under the top 10 specialization for MS. Thus, if you are pursuing Economics in your graduation, then the best thing you can do is to apply for MS in Economics in a top-notch university. Market value for Economics would never get decreased.

The compensation for MS graduate in Economics varies. If you complete your MS from a top-notch university, then you would get a lucrative compensation package. The best universities for MS in Economics are again Harvard, MIT and Stanford.

MS in Mechanical Engineering

Again engineering students should be glad that mechanical engineering takes the 9th position in the list. Thus if you are a mechanical engineer or are pursuing the degree/diploma then you may consider to further your career by choosing MS in mechanical engineering.

The compensation package is around US $85,000 per annum if you pursue from a world class university. MIT and Stanford are best universities to pursue MS in mechanical engineering.

MS in Biomedical Engineering

If you are good in Biology and also would like to further your career in Engineering, Biomedical Engineering is the right option for you. Though it’s not as prevalent like other MS degrees, it is gradually getting prominence. It’s the future for MS. And the compensation package is also very lucrative – around US $100,000 per annum. John Hopkins University, University of California are the best universities to study MS in biomedical engineering.

There are many MS specializations you can opt for other than above 10. But these 10 are best of the lot in placement, compensation and impact.

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