How to write Statement of Purpose (SoP)?

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Pay heed to the phrase – Statement of Purpose. Most of you may think why an entire article on the Statement of Purpose! Once you read the whole article, you would get to know why Statement of Purpose is the most important document you would ever present to the admission managers for your MS application.

Yes, resume is important, letters of recommendations have significant value, your official transcripts are also valuable, but among all, the most valuable is the statement of purpose. Because, SoP conveys to the admission officials that why you would like to do MS!

You may have not found many guides on Statement of Purpose, thus this article has immense value. We will discuss in detail, the why, what and how of the statement of purpose and will make it instructional for the purpose of making it useful.

Sit tight and read it fully. This guide will definitely help you write a brilliant statement of purpose and will facilitate in making your mark in MS application process.

In the beginning

While writing the Statement of Purpose, you may treat like an essay; but it is the most difficult piece to write as it is stating why in most succinct way. To begin, first of all, you need to know for yourself why you would like to do MS. Not everyone who complete their graduation go for MS. Then why you?! You need to be very specific and concrete in your answer.

One example will make it clear. When you attend a gathering or keep an invitation, people from diverse background can strike a conversation with you by posing a question – “What do you do?” Most of us would answer to this question with ‘a post’ or ‘a designation.’ But is the post or the designation most suitable description of who we are?! Definitely not! We are more than that. We are our passions, our dreams, our strengths, our weaknesses, our habits, our goals and our enthusiasm about certain aspects of life.

When you write your statement of purpose, remember that. The people who would be reviewing your application are not actually looking for something like ‘a meritorious student’, ‘looking for a magnificent career’ and so on and so forth, they are aiming to know you more, as a person, as a dreamer, as a careerist, as a person having unique qualities and attributes.

For your understanding, we will include step by step guide so that if you read this article fully, you can kick-start to write your statement of purpose right away.

A step-by-step guide to write the “Statement of Purpose”

Knowing yourself is beginning of anything

Do you know who you are? What you like and dislike? How you think? What are your habits? What are your career aspirations? Five years from now where you would like to see yourself? These may seem the questions students normally face in an interview, but to be able to write the statement of purpose the first step is to know yourself better.

The choices you’ve made until now is because of the person you are and for possessing unique and diverse qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the school where you are applying now is stemming from the same unique characteristics and attributes. What are they? Why this school over others? The admission committee wants to know everything in most concise way. Thus, it is difficult to outpour everything you are and express them in few words.


When you are writing the statement of purpose, it is not enough to just know yourself well. You need to understand the ‘cause and effect’ scenario of the person you are. More than academics analyse your curve of personal development and intellectual training over the years. Do you think you are suitable enough for the career you are aiming at now? Are you convinced about your potential and abilities to make it through the end? If so, go ahead and start writing the statement of purpose.

The starting point

Statement of purpose is not an ordinary essay. Thus to write it you need to begin with a thesis statement. A thesis statement is one sentence statement which depicts the substance of this essay. So, writing it well is of utter importance. Begin with a strong introduction. Introduction should not be of more than five-six sentences.

Within this short paragraph, you need to mention who you are, why you chose the area for which you are applying, where are you from and why do you think that this particular university is among the most preferred choices in your list of schools. While writing this, think from the point of view of the reader. The admission committee doesn’t have a lot of time to look at your statement of purpose.

Thus if it not attractive and attention grabbing, chances are they won’t even read beyond the first paragraph. Write it well and make it count.

The body of the statement of purpose

Once you are done with the introductory paragraph, it’s time to pay heed to the body of the paper. The body, without saying, is very significant in the whole statement of purpose. As the old formula of writing well goes, to convey the ideas well, you need to dedicate one paragraph for one idea. Several ideas in one paragraph will only confuse the reader.

You can write several paragraphs, but make sure that each paragraph contains only one central theme.

Back your ideas with examples

Don’t just write the idea in each sentence, because without any back-up your ideas have no value. You need to give examples after you present your ideas. It is to convince the readers of your worth and the truth and accuracy of your statement. Maintain this throughout the body of the paper; don’t share anything without one or two strong proof.

Structure of the body

Your purpose of writing the body is to persuade your readers to get convinced. Thus, you need to structure each sentence logically and carefully. Use small sentences. And use sentences which connect one sentence to third sentence. Once you write, read it through again. Ask yourself – Does it create any confusion while reading? If any, look at the construction and try to make two sentences out of one. Editing is particularly important to make your statement of purpose stand out in the crowd.

Finally, conclusion

Once you are through with introduction and the body of the paper, you need to write the conclusion with equal enthusiasm. In conclusion also you need to restate the thesis statement. And if you can add some new ideas then they will help the readers to think beyond. With these ideas you need to challenge the readers to think about you not in any ordinary way. Walk these extra miles. There are no crowd along these extra miles and standing out would be much easier.

Follow the above steps and write a magnificent Statement of Purpose. But make sure that the length of your SoP doesn’t go beyond two to three pages. And once you write it, give it to your professor for comments. S/he may help you fill up the gaps in your paper (if any). Remember, you need to stand out in the crowd, so better make it count.

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