What are the requirements for applying for MS?

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If you are aspiring to continue MS in US or any other countries there are few basic requirements which you need to adhere to. The requirements are pretty basic and mostly similar in almost all universities for pursuing MS.

In this article, you would get to know the basic qualifications you should have to take admission in universities for MS.

16 Years of Education

This is the most common of all. You need to have a basic education of 16 years. In most of the universities, the primary education should be of 16 years to get allowance to study MS. It is applicable in US and all other foreign countries. Let’s have a look on the break-up of education of 16 years. Usually, there are 3 usual break-ups of education which are accepted by universities in US and in other countries.
  • 1st break-up – This break-up is most common for acceptance for MS. You need to complete your 10+2, along with that you also need to complete a 4 year degree program (mostly engineering degree).
  • 2nd break-up – This is another break-up which is accepted in US and other universities for MS. You need to complete 10 plus 3 year Diploma along with 3 year degree.
  • 3rd break-up – The final break-up which is accepted will take you a little bit longer to complete. First you need to complete 10+2+3 (BSc.), along with you also need to complete 2 years master degree (MSc.). If you don’t take the path of engineering, then this is your possible solution for pursuing MS in foreign universities.



Transcripts are the marks card which you need to successfully submit to get entry into one of the foreign universities for MS Study. No matter whatever break-ups you have as a requirement for pursuing MS, you need to submit all the mark sheets for each level of study-completion.

From 10th, 12th, Diploma (if you have), Graduation to MSc. (if you have), you need to arrange for all, original, properly sealed and authorised mark-sheets. In later section, we will discuss how MS aspirants should arrange for transcripts to make a great first impression.

Test Scores

There are usually two tests you need to take, one to qualify and another to judge your English proficiency. In later section, we will discuss in detail about how to take these exams; but for now, let’s look at them briefly.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) 

GRE is the most common test for qualifying for MS in foreign universities. For GRE, you need at least 2-4 months of rigorous preparation to clear it. The best part is you can take the exam anytime in the year and once you clear it, your marks would be valid for the next 5 years.

Now, the question may pop up in your mind that what sort of score you need to aim for?! It’s overestimation to say that higher the score better are your chances of getting through. So aim for the highest and prepare your best. If you feel you need another month or so of preparation, take your time. But remember while postponing your preparation time, you are maintaining the time you need to follow through all the procedures while applying for MS.

Now, what if you score less?! Still there are chances for you in B-tier or C-tier universities. But better you prepare well and score at least more than average.

Proficiency tests for English

If your first language isn’t English, you need to take proficiency test/s along with GRE or GMAT examination. There is no lowest score for GRE or GMAT to get accepted, but English proficiency test/s has a set bar which you need to go beyond. For English proficiency, you can take one of the two tests – TOEFL or IELTS.

And after taking one of the tests, you need to send the score to the respective universities wherever you are applying to. Now, you also need to make sure that you score at least 79+ in order get accepted by any foreign university. Few reputed university often seek 100+ score. So, it’s always better to take time and prepare yourself for TOEFL prior the application process.

In case of IELTS, the minimum score is 6.5 band which is almost equivalent to TOEFL score.

Now, you need to check that which universities want which examination to be cleared. Few universities want TOEFL and others want IELTS. It is prudent to go over to the university website and check what they exactly want. Few universities also waive IELTS exam for Indian students. Do your research and go ahead for preparing for English proficiency test/s.

Other than the above, there are also few critical requirements which you need to pay heed to.


While most universities don’t check much about your CGPA, but best of the best universities often do. So, it’s best to do well in your graduation and if you’re applying after MSc., then in both (BSc. & MSc.), you need to score well. Take your education sincerely and you would be having the opportunity to create a marvellous career.

Quality projects

Foreign universities give more weightage to those who not only have the theoretical knowledge, but also have some practical experience. If you have done some quality projects on your subject, it will help you immensely while applying for your MS in foreign universities.

Publications & Researches

While projects definitely help, nothing would be more useful than publishing few research papers. Try to talk to your professors and ask them how you can write papers and send it to renowned publications. Don’t worry about getting rejected. You need only one renowned publication to accept your paper. The more you can publish, better would be your chances of success.

Statement of Purpose (SoP)

You also need to write a statement containing in detail why you would like to pursue MS. In later section, we will discuss how to write a statement of purpose so that you can create a great first impression.

Letter of Recommendation (LoR)

A letter of recommendation is also required from your college (better if it is reputed) for application process. In later section, we will talk about how to write a letter of recommendation in detail.

Work experience

If you have any experience of working somewhere it will help while applying for MS.

Extra-curricular activities

Any sort sport acumen, music or anything that you can do other than academics will be added advantage for you in the application process for MS.

These are the basic requirements for applying MS. Take your time. Prepare well. A great career awaits you.

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