Statement of Purpose(SOP) for MS & University Identification

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We provide Statement of Purpose(SOP) for MS writing services and samples. We offer guidance for MS University Identification by interacting with you one to one and understand your capabilities, accomplishments, career aims, probable courses and universities corresponding to your GRE scores. If you are planning for MS/Higher Studies Abroad in Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical and Electronics(ECE), you success lies in choosing the right university to have a successful career. Our team of experts, helps you identify the universities in US, Europe etc where you have great probability to get admitted based on your GRE/GMAT/IELTS Score.

SOP Writing Service and Consultancy Charges

  • SOP - Rs 5000/-
  • University Identification - Rs 2500/-
  • University Identification + SOP - Rs 6000/-

Statement of purpose is essential in the application procedure for higher studies. While your undergraduate scores show your capabilities, SOP briefs your motivations and career advancement aims. The admission procedure does not involve a personal interview. The only choice you have twin over the admission committee is SOP. So it is very important for you to present it very well.

How to write a good Statement of Purpose (SOP)

  • Prepare the schema/ outline
  • Write down the contents in bullet points. It should contain
    • What you have learned in the past ?
    • What is your ambition and career path ? 
    • Why are you choosing that ? 
    • What are the inherent talents that made you lean towards such a career path? 
    • Why you think further learning in that field is required ? 
    • How did you zeroed in on the course of study and university ?
  • Once the contents are ready, write them in the form of an essay. It should be grammatically correct, coherent, within prescribed word limit, true, passionate, and poised.
  • Don’t copy SOP from others. It will clearly show that it is not yours.
  • Review the SOP multiple times. Take help from friends, if writing is not your strength. Alternately you can take professional help which can guide you through.


Statement of Purpose Samples for MS

Ever since I joined under graduate studies, I have been streamlining my thoughts about my career. Reading operations research, supply chain management, resource management, TQM, Power Plant Engineering and the alike and I joined XYZ. It is a pioneer and has niche in the optimization and standards based communication among legacy systems across the energy value chain. The academic knowledge, the opportunity and challenges of applying the learning during my tenure as Team Lead at XYZ made me realize the scope for improvement and need for higher education in industrial engineering to utilize my fullest potential.

Learning under direct supervision of reputed learning center will amplify the drive and equip me to pursue a research oriented career in an industry environment true to my aspirations and liking. The quality research work done by your faculty, scores, cost and learning effectiveness are the self - devised basic criteria in choosing the university to study and hence I apply to induct me for MS – Industrial Engineering program, with full hope.

The learning curve had been consistent throughout my career. My secondary school teachers inculcated the habit of questioning and encouraged the quest for detail. I grew up fascinated seeing bikes, cars and space crafts. I remember my first bike, which I used to self-dismantle for overhauling and for repairs. At first, I understood only the macro level mechanism, but subsequently, I was questioning myself about many intricate details of the machines such as co-ordinal working of each component, vibration of machines, their balancing and many other things that abound. This inquisitiveness led me to take up Mechanical Engineering as major in my undergraduate studies.

The college environment used to be vibrant full of curricular and extracurricular activities. The symposium and technical fest that I attended regularly imparted the nuances of current and futuristic technology at first place. These things really made the learning curve very enjoyable. To highlight, I was commended for the work accomplished in the capacity of event secretary, in organizing the national level technical symposium XYZ.

To equip myself with modeling tools I took foundation course on Pro/Engineering and AutoCAD at CADD Centre. I scored 90% in comprehension (Pre-final year project) and a full score (scoring based on College devised percentile kind grading – selection of top three projects and giving full score)) in my final year project, its objective being emission reduction of CI engines. The project won nomination for best project award.

The summer trainings I attended gave first hand knowledge on application of theory. At XYZ, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive bearings, bushings and thrust washers, I learned how batch processing and automating the production line saved time and money and how Operation Research and Lean Manufacturing technique come in hand in hand in setting up the entire production system. This was where my enchantment towards Industrial engineering began.

At XYZ, one of the CNC manufacturing giants in India, the 5 axis machining center with its increased degree of freedom was capable of machining more than four sides of bed block, without the need of remounting the job, thereby reducing idle time and improving the productivity. Further I got introduced to Jigs and Fixtures and selective assembly. The industries I visited including Titan Industries Ltd., Bangalore; Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Bangalore, Cochin Refineries, Hindustan Machine Tools, English Tools Limited and Electro Alloy Castings further gave insight into group technology, cellular manufacturing and MRPII.

After my graduation I was looking forward to work in my favourite field, optimization and project management. Though I received offers from various IT firms, true to my interest I decided to join optimization and modeling in power generation division of XYZ – an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, providing Optimization and Energy solutions, that help businesses across the energy utility value chain. My domain knowledge were duly recognized and enabled me to be a part of product development team, the core function being mathematical modeling of power plant. The team is multifaceted consisting of domain specialists, software developers and project managers. Here I got exposed to various modeling challenges, optimization and diagnostic techniques. I could able to study closely the factors affecting the plant performance, Boiler stress evaluation and the flow heat transfer in transient condition of large utility boilers.

The products and services in which I was directly involved in design and implementation are Economic dispatch, plant performance monitoring and alarm analysis. The problem statement of economic dispatch solution has generation at optimum performance and maximum revenue as the objective function, Boiler Unit performance, Equipment and auxiliaries performance, Incremental Heat rate, Cost of generation of different Units, Emission levels of different Units as the problem constraints and Lamda Iteration as the optimization technique. The alarm analysis package for thermal generating stations is based on bayesian belief, predictive analysis, decision making and data mining concepts. I was involved right from the basic design of the solution in defining the problem statement. The plant performance monitoring package optimize the performance of Power plant equipments and auxiliaries as per ASME PTC codes.

While working in this problem domain, I understood and realized the potential of Operations research and its effect on the performance and revenue maximization of the process. To overcome some of the issues that came across, I felt the need for utilizing the latest problem formulation strategies, optimization and decision making techniques. The course on Industrial Engineering will equip and provide me with the required know how to build better optimization solutions for industries and energy value chain in specific.

These packages had been implemented in many power plants across India and middle east including many NTPC plants through renowned OEM’s like XYZ. The product knowledge and services I have rendered to these customers have got me some reputation in industry in this space. I had used my techno-functional expertise (Domain + software skills in Java, c# and UML) effectively to design and review some of the complex algorithms. Owing to my performance, I was appraised as the best performer 2006-07, 2008-09 and was awarded a Skip level promotion as Tech Lead in the same product division. In the role of Tech Lead I got deep insight in business process and ROI. As a industrious young manager, I was selected for TMLD (An elusive Talent Management Leader-ship Development Program of XYZ to groom a very few hand picked promising managers into effective leaders).

The training sessions of TMLD on leadership, creative innovation, quality, and project and resource management have changed me into a dynamic personality of virtues. The TMLD program made me more projects conscious and helped me expedite delivery in optimal time. Further study on resource planning and management will surely dwell in improving my productivity. I utilized company sponsored ISO 9001:2000 Internal auditor training conducted by TUV Rheinland to conduct internal audits and was judged as the best internal auditor 2007-'08. My astute thinking and detailed knowledge of the process earned me the coveted position of process owner – products and offer for assisting Management Representative in framing and defining the organizational structure and process diligently. When the company decided to go for ISO 20001 Information Technology and Management systems and ISO 27001 Information security, I was one among the select few to attend orientation training. I have co-authored a paper on “XYZ” published in the proceedings of XYZ. The work was duly recognized by the organization, by productizing the proof of concept.

The basic education in mechanical engineering, work experience including techno-functional expertise in optimization solutions, 3M management, Vendor and customer management during project implementation, and a few personal traits like looking for detail, inquisitiveness and team play has made me competent to undergo the study. On completion of the master’s program my productivity would have increased manifold and well recognized in industry as operations manager or part of research and development team working in the optimization domain.

I am clear with the purpose to myself and have explained the purpose in this statement. In a nut shell, the purpose of reading MS Industrial engineering in your University is to increase my technology appropriateness, effectiveness and overall productivity.

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