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Career guidance articles in this category, discuss in detail about various career options for Engineering, MSc, MCA students in Information technology, Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical fields along with entry level jobs, skills required for entry level jobs, engineering salaries, higher education courses etc. Those students who wish to pursue engineering after 12'th, we had provided list of career options.

What an effective engineering resume should look like

A resume is nothing short of a marketing tool. It is a list of your core competencies, experience, and educational qualifications, which are succinctly packaged to get through to an interview. A good resume and cover letter is customized for every position. However, this kind of resume is suitable if you are focusing on only one type of job position. In case you are eyeing a wide range of job profiles, it is essential that you revise your application by creating new resumes and cover letters, tailor-made for the different profiles. This requires intense research about the industry and the organisation.

Careers in Fire Engineering

Fire engineers are those people who are not only master of Science but also carry passion to save lives. Thus, it is not for faint hearted. It needs an unrelenting passion for saving lives even by putting your life at stake. If you think you are cut from the same clothes, then this is the profession you should aim for. But how would you know all about fire engineering. In this guide, you will get all the information about fire engineering and how to go about it. You will also find the details of the future potential you should aim for if you are exploring the career for fire engineers.

Career opportunities for CMA professionals

Accounting always doesn’t mean a chartered accountant, if you would like to explore there is another opportunity which is equally lucrative and will help you make your mark in your accounting career. There are few pre-requisites before you choose another alternative. No, these are not the requirements for applying for that particular course, rather basic, general, and foundational requirements without which you really won’t be able to succeed in this field.

Top 7 Career Tips for Engineering Students

This is the first lesson you’ll learn once you gain an engineering degree: the market is tough! You will be very ambitious and willing to start building a career as soon as possible, but the entry positions will hardly meet your standards. The key to attaining success with your career in engineering is persistency. Stay committed to your goals and preserve your ambitious attitude regardless of the circumstances!

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