Careers in Fire Engineering

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Fire engineers are those people who are not only master of Science but also carry passion to save lives. Thus, it is not for faint hearted. It needs an unrelenting passion for saving lives even by putting your life at stake. If you think you are cut from the same clothes, then this is the profession you should aim for. But how would you know all about fire engineering. In this guide, you will get all the information about fire engineering and how to go about it. You will also find the details of the future potential you should aim for if you are exploring the career for fire engineers.

In this career guidance, you will see the perspective of fire engineering and brief description about what fire engineering is all about; if you would like to expand your career goals in this domain, where should you start; how would you get placed and get started to work as a fire engineer; the skill sets required for being in fire engineering domain; compensation structure and finally opportunities for higher education.

How do we define Fire Engineering?

In simple terms, fire engineering is the art and science of engineering by applying which a fire engineer can save lives of people from destructive fire and smoke. But fire engineering can go far beyond the definition. Often the fire engineers need to risk their own lives to help people from terrible situation and to protect them from fires, smokes and conditions where even being alive gets difficult.

In this profession, the urgency of time is very important. Because, if fire engineers don’t reach on time, chances are that the people who could survive by getting the help of fire engineers, would not be alive! Thus since beginning of the training for fire engineers, the operational efficiency is taught so that when the emergency situation arrives they can be quick enough to perform the required tasks and save lives of people.

Naturally, the essence of knowledge for fire engineering cannot be over-emphasized. The fire engineers should be equipped with knowledge in different domains like Fire Prevention and Protection, Fire Service Administration, Safety Engineering, Industrial Hygiene and Health, Fire Extinction Science and Laws Control and Safety Laws. Fire engineers also get trained in Practical Fire Fighting Drill and Practical Field Training.

Where to start?

Fire Engineering is one of the noblest professions. The opportunities for fire engineers have been increasing rapidly as people are realizing the value of being someone who can be knowledgeable as well as who can help people.

But it may seem difficult to prepare for fire engineering if you are completely novel in this field. In this section you will get guidance about how to start preparing for fire engineering.

The first, most important pre-requisites for becoming fire engineers is body fitness. You need to ensure that you are peek health and any time you can run, walk, jump, adapt to any drastic and emergency situation. The tasks fire engineers have to perform are no way child’s play. For that you need to be at top of your physical fitness so that you can perform them with gusto and enthusiasm.

Along with physical fitness what you require is mental toughness training. You need to be mentally tough and keep your calm when things get difficult.
Because if you would like to join the increasing group of people in fire engineering, then you will always be put in crisis and you always need to face contingency situations. Your whole professional life will revolve around it.

The third most important thing you need to know is to make sure that you know all the nitty-gritty of fire engineering. Even if you have mental toughness and physical fitness, if you don’t know what to do in a crisis period, chances are you will not be able to save lives of other people and at the same time you will put yourself at more risk while fighting against fire and smoke.

The last but not least important prerequisite for becoming a great fire engineer is to have empathy and compassion for people. If you don’t have empathy you won’t be able to connect your profession with a higher meaning. Fire engineering is called one of the noblest professions because it saves lives of many people who get caught in emergency situations and if fire engineers will not help them, they will remain caught and ultimately die out of exhaustion or by getting out of breath.

If you consider the above four while preparing for becoming fire engineer, then you would be easily able to adapt to the difficult situations and ultimately will become great fire engineers in near future.

How to get placed during Campus or off Campus Recruitment?

It is very difficult to get placed if you don’t enrol for fire engineering course. Because it needs special set of skills to be able to work as fire engineers!

You can opt for degree courses or diploma courses if you are particularly interested in fire engineering. You can enrol in University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Hyderabad Institute of Fire Engineering, National Fire Service College for degree courses. You can also do PG Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering.

But for that you need to a graduate from any stream. Usually the duration of the course is one year to four years (engineering degree program). You can also do MBA in safety management, but in that case the perspective of job and the job role will differ after completion of the course.
There is a great opportunities waiting for fire engineers in different sectors.

Government Fire Services, Insurance Assessment, Architectural and building designs, Project Management, Aircraft Industry or any fire related sectors where expertise and knowledge of fire and safety management are required. If you are attentive enough during your course, then getting placed after the course would not be any issue.

Skill sets required for getting jobs in Fire Engineering

The most important thing about fire engineering is to have the skills required for becoming exceedingly well equipped and extra-ordinary fire engineers. The list of skill sets are as follows.

  • Fire engineering is emotionally very stressful. No man who has less emotional intelligence can handle this profession. Because fire engineers would need to face emergency all day and night. If one is not emotionally equipped or mentally ready, he won’t be able to become a good fire engineer.
  • Quite often the fire engineers have to carry people and bulky equipment on their shoulder and run. So, being physically extra-ordinary is a required skill for performing at best. Without a stout figure and core strength of the body, one cannot become an amazing fire engineers.
  • The fire engineers should be able to adapt to any situation as quickly as possible.Fire engineers need to pay heed to things that are about to happen. Thus, an attention to detail and the ability to make quick decision are most significant.
  • Application of science and engineering is very important. Without that a stout figure and mental toughness won’t help.The fire engineers need to have flair of compassion for people whose lives get endangered due to fire and smoke. Only then they would be able to give their 100% to their profession.


As there is very high risk in this job, fire engineers are often paid very well. In India, the salary of fire engineers is around US $4,000 to $10,000, whereas in foreign countries like USA, the salary can shoot up to US $80,000.

Higher education opportunities

Fire engineers often don’t go for higher education. But there are ample opportunity for doing further courses and PG Diplomas. From six months course in Fire Fighting (recognized by BTE, Delhi) to one year diploma courses in Fire Technology and Industrial Safety can also be add-on for fire engineers.