Chemical Engineering Careers, Jobs, Job Oppurtunities

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This blog provides Career Guidance,Jobs,Job Prospectus and Salary for chemical engineers and MSc Chemistry students. The field of Chemical engineering is a diverse one ranging from biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral processing. The work of chemical engineers is the most versatile of all engineers, involve the invention, development, design, operation and management of processes in industries. The scope of chemical engineers is tend to grow in future due to industrial expansion and related scarcity of resources needed. It is diverse and dynamic with market sectors rapidly expanding.

 The subjective matter of chemical engineering covers a very wide spectrum of learning. Key concepts are presented below,

1. Chemical Reaction Engineering

 It involves managing plant process and conditions to ensure optimal plant operation. It constructs models for reactor analysis and design using laboratory data , physical parameters and  chemical parameters to solve problems and to  predict reactor performance. A legitimate objective of chemical reaction engineering is  enable us to predict, in the sense of rational design, the performance of reactor created in response to specified requirements and in accordance with a certain body of information. 

2.  Mass transfer

The transfer of materials through interfaces in fluids media is called mass transfer. Mass    transfer phenomena are observed throughout nature and in many fields of industry. Today, fields of application of mass transfer theories have become widespread, from traditional chemical industries to bioscience and environmental industries. The design of new processes, the optimization of existing processes, and solving pollution problems are all heavily dependent on knowledge of mass transfer.  It finds extensive application in chemical engineering problems.

3. Heat transfer

Is a discipline of engineering that concerns the generation ,use ,conversion and exchange of thermal energy and heat  between physical systems. Heat transfer has broad application to the functioning of numerous devices and systems.

4.  Transport phenomena

In engineering, the study of transport phenomena concerns the exchange of mass, energy, and momentum between observed and studied systems. Mass, momentum, and heat transport all share a very similar mathematical framework, and the parallels between them are exploited in the study of transport phenomena to draw deep mathematical connections that often provide very useful tools in the analysis of one field that are directly derived from the others.

5.  Fluid mechanics

It deals with fluids and forces  on them. Fluid mechanics especially fluid dynamics is an active field of research with many unsolved or partly solved problems.Fluid mechanics can be mathematically complex. A  modern discipline called computational fluid dynamics is devoted to this approach for solving fluid mechanics problems. It uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyse problems    that involve fluid problems.

6. Chemical engineering Design

The understanding of the design and construction of chemical plants is frequently regarded as the essence of chemical engineering. A graduate engineer will only become a good designer  if he/she

  • Can apply the basic knowledge  of chemical engineering
  • Understands the broad concept  placed on chemical plant design.
  • Is widely read ,thinks about the ideas encountered and uses the knowledge ideas in a design study.

7. Thermodynamics

is a branch of science which deals with heat and its relation to energy and work. Results of thermodynamic calculations are essential for chemical engineering. Chemical engineering thermodynamics is primarily concerned with the application of thermodynamics to phase equilibria  and reaction equilibria  in multi component systems.Its applications are obvious in the design of chemical engineering equipment's

8. Process Dynamics  and Control

Process control is the study and application of automatic control in the field of chemical engineering. The primary objective of process control is to maintain the process at the desired operating conditions, safely and efficiently, while satisfying environmental and product quality requirement. As a consequence of global competition ,rapidly changing economic conditions and stringent environmental and safety regulations process control has become increasingly important in the process industries .Chemical engineers need to master this subject  in order to be able to design and  operate modern plants.

A process is a dynamic system, whose behaviour changes with time. Control systems are needed to handle such changes in the process. Thus it is important to understand the process dynamics when a control system is designed.

Chemical Engineering Jobs and Job Prospectus

   Since chemical engineering is a vast field, the job prospectus,entry level chemical engineering jobs,chemical engineering intern-ships and career options of chemical engineer are varied and different. Following are the major areas which offers good career opportunities for chemical engineers,

1. Petrochemical Industry

2. Oil and refining.

3. Nuclear Industry.

4. Power Industry.

5. Pharmaceuticals

6. Polymer Industry

7. Mining

8. Biotechnology

9. Nanotechnology

10. Space research

11. Environmental engineering

12. Defence 

13. Material science 

14. Food processing

15. Design and construction equipment and plants

16. Teaching

17. Finance

Opportunities in  Central Government Organizations

   Wide employment opportunities await for chemical engineers both in public sector as well as in private sectors. They can seek jobs in areas such as processing, operations, manufacturing ,research and development ,design and construction ,finance and teaching  List if major central government organizations offering jobs for chemical engineers are,

1. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India Limited.

2. Indian Oil Corporation of India Limited.

3. Coal India Limited

4. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation of India Limited.

5. National Thermal Power Corporation of India Limited.

6. Department of Atomic Energy.

7. Department of space.

8. Department of Defence.

9. Gas Authority of India Limited

10. Bharat Petroleum Corporation of India Limited

11. Central Pollution Control Board.

12.  Hindustan Paper corporation of India  Limited.

13. IFFCO(Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited.)

14. Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited.

15.  Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

16. Rashtriya chemicals & fertilizers ltd.

17. Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Limited.

18. Steel Authority of India Limited.

19. Hindustan Latex Limited.

20. National Fertilizers  Limited.

21. FACT

  Apart from these nationalized banks are also recruiting chemical engineers as specialist officers.

Basic eligibility


To pursue an undergraduate course in chemical engineering, candidates should be 10+2 pass with 50% marks in physics, chemistry and mathematics from recognized Board examination. Most of the colleges offer admission on the basis of score obtained in national/state level entrance test.


To pursue a postgraduate course in chemical engineering, candidates should have Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering/Bachelor in Technology in chemical engineering from recognized University.

Eligibility for Diploma courses

To pursue Diploma course in chemical engineering, candidates should be either Class 10'th pass or 10+2 pass in science stream with 50% marks in Physics, Maths and Chemistry subjects from recognized board examination.

Major Chemical Engineering Universities / Institutes offering courses in Chemical Engineering in India

1. IIT Madras

2. IIT Bombay

3. IIT Delhi

4. IIT  Kanpur

5. IIT Guwahati

6. IIT  Kharagpur

7. IIT – Roorki and many other NITs and private colleges.

Chemical Engineer Salary

Chemical Engineers are one of the highly paid employees around the world. Entry level Chemical Engineer draw salary in the range of $50k - $60k. Chemical Engineers with an experience of 1 to 5 Years draw salary between $55k - $70k. Chemical Engineers with an experience of 1 to 5 Years draw salary between $65k - $85k.