Career Guidance for Mobile application developers - Android vs iOS vs Windows vs HTML5

Career guidance Mobile app development

This blog on Career Guidance for Mobile App Developers provides an insight into various mobile application development platforms. As you all know Mobile app development is being hailed as next big thing . As more and more people use smart phones for day today use,Mobile banking,games etc., mobile apps are must to reach out to customers , sell products etc.

Almost all famous websites have smartphone compatible webpage or apps. There is also a huge market for mobile apps and games(free /paid) for Smart phones. As a result, choosing Mobile app development as a career seems to be a good choice. But choosing a career in mobile app development is bit tricky, because most platforms providing mobile app development doesn't support developers dream of "write once run everywhere" functionality. Currently android, iOS, windows and HTML5 platforms are mainly used to develop mobile apps .Current Smartphone sales is as shown below. This graph will give an insight into the reach and growth path of different mobile OS.

Lets have a look into each platform and their scope .

Android is owned by Google Inc. Latest Android version is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Android is a Linux-derived OS. Most commonly used android version is 2.x. Android is used by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG etc. Android is tightly integrated with Google services, enabling you to sync Google contacts, calendars, and email out-of-the-box. Android application are stored in Android Market now Android Play. Developers can build an android app and place it in Android app store. Users can download the app to their phones from Android Play. From developers point of view, if you want to make money from apps, android users rarely pay for the apps. But the reach / No of users using android apps is high. Android is slightly behind iOS in user interface and OS performance. Since Google is determined to make android the best mobile app development platform, choosing android will be a good choice.

iOS is developed and distributed by Apple . Latest iOS version is iOS6. iOS is derived from OS X,  is based on Unix operating system. iOS is used by Apple IPhone's, IPad's.  iOS application store is Apple app store. Developers can build an iOS app and place it in app store. Users can download the app to their phones from app store. iOS users have historically been overwhelmingly  more likely to pay for apps. So developers prefer to develop mobile app in iOS first then android. Looking at the innovations done by by Apple in recent years and their market share, choosing iOS seems to be a good choice for the time being .

Windows Phone is owned by Microsoft. Latest windows phone version windows phone 8. Windows Phone 8 is used by Lumia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8X . Microsoft was not giving much much importance to mobile app development using windows until recently. In recent releases windows 7, windows 8, they had give more emphasis on Windows Phone app development. But the market is already captured by ios and Android. Since customer base is small, windows based app development doesn't seems to be the best choice for some time .

 HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web.  It is the fifth revision of the HTML. Lots of great HTML5 features are already supported on modern mobile browsers. Web developers can use the same set of technologies they know and love to build rich web applications  that work across different device types. HTML5 is also a potential candidate for cross-platform mobile applications. Currently major web browsers  support HTML5 partially. Once HTML5 is fully supported by all major browsers, it have the potential to challenge all the technologies mentioned above. What we can say about HTML5 is that , its the one for the future. But the risk associated with it is huge as it takes time to get approved as standard.