Managers are Good Leaders

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A manager is considered as someone who is responsible for managing a group of persons in a firm or business, who also can control the resources and expenses. A manager also manages the execution of tasks, administrate and supervise direction of a group in an Organization. According to John Kotter it is a concept developed in last 100 years.

Whereas, a leader is considered as a person who makes decisions in the interest of the company that other people choose to follow or obey, a person who guides or inspires or motivates others. Is a person who influences a group of individuals to achieve a goal. According to John Kotter it is an age old concept.

These were definition of old times. Now it’s different. So what's the difference between a manager and a leader?

Unfortunately, some people believe that leaders are born and not developed. But, Given enough motivation, a desire to improve and a willingness to help their fellow man. Every person has the ability to become a leader. Now let us have a look at various function and objectives of a manager.


Main management functions of a manager are Controlling, Planning, Organizing and Directing. Ideal Characteristics of Managers are Creativity, Good judgment, Character, Courage, Positive Attitude and Administrative skills. Competencies and Skills that should be possessed by a manager are Technical, Interpersonal, Integrative and Imaginative.

Basic Principles of Management

  • Come in knowing current strategy, goals and challenges. Form hypothesis on operating priorities.
  • Balance intense focus on priorities with flexibility on implementation.
  • Decide about new organization architecture.
  • Build personal credibility and momentum
  • Earn right to transform entity.
  • Remember there is no “one” way to manage a transition

Core Tasks of a manager

  • Create Momentum
  • Master technologies of learning, visioning, and coalition building
  • Manage oneself

How to create Momentum

  • Learn and know about company, it's past and current financial performance and policies.
  • Securing early wins by taking up challenging tasks.
    • First, set short term goals and try to achieve it at any cost.
    • When achieved make a big deal out of it. Let people know that, you had something really good.
    • Adjust yourself to fit into companies long term strategy 
  • Try to become one of the foundation for change for good
    • Have a complete vision of how the organization will look 
    • Build political base to support change
    • Modify culture to fit vision
  • Build credibility with your sincere efforts.
    • Demanding but can be satisfied
    • You should be accessible to everyone but not too familiar
    • Try to be more focused and flexible on work 
    • Be active within your groups. Try to build a rapo with everyone.
    • Should make tough calls but it should be humane

Master Technologies

  • Learn from internal and external sources. Books, online training materials etc.
  • Visioning - develop strategy 
    • Push vs pull tools 
    • What values does the strategy embrace?
    • What behaviors are needed?
  • Communicate the vision
    • Simple text - Best channels
    • Clear meaning - Do it yourself!

Manage Oneself

  • Be self-aware of your strengths and limitations
  • Define your leadership style based on your past and present experience
  • Get advice and counsel other experts in the industry or your firm
    • Advice is from expert
    • Counsel is insight
  • Types of help that can be taken are
    • Technical
    • Political
    • Personal
  • Advisor traits are
    • Competent
    • Trustworthy
    • Enhance your status


Let's focus on those things that affect people. Good managers get the most out of their people because they:

  • Orient new employees
  • Explain policies and procedures
  • Provide job information
  • Assign work to subordinates
  • Describe performance expectations 
  • Identify personal problems and issues
  • Evaluate performance
  • Identify training requirements 
  • Provide feedback
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