MBA Seminar Topics

Latest MBA Seminar Topics and seminar papers with PPT for MBA students in Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Business Management etc.

Marketing Management

In this presentation topic, we are going to look at the importance of marketing, it's scope, fundamental marketing concepts, marketing management and activities that need to be taken up for making marketing management a grant success.

Consumer Behavior

Understanding the consumer behavior is a must for any business. We can be define consumer behavior as the act of the consumers to obtain economic goods and services, using them and dispose it after use, along with the decision process that went into before and after each action.

Managers are Good Leaders

A manager is considered as someone who is responsible for managing a group of persons in a firm or business, who also can control the resources and expenses. A manager also manages the execution of tasks, administrate and supervise direction of a group in an Organization. According to John Kotter it is a concept developed in last 100 years.

Value Analysis

Value Analysis aims at a systematic identification and elimination of unnecessary costs. It critically investigates and analyses the different aspects of material, purchase, design and production of each and every component of the product. Any thing that doesn’t add value to the product from customer point of view is unnecessary cost. This includes inventory, transportation etc. It is normally applied to existing rather than new products.

Process Capability And Control Charts

In this presentation topic on Process Capability And Control Charts, we will look into the basics of Process Capability, Types of control Charts, Development and maintenance of control charts, Interpretation of control charts with help of a practice problem.

Cost of Capital

This MBA Seminar topic on Cost of Capital, discuss about source of long term capital like Equity and Preference capital, Debts, Average cost of capital and cost of a specific source of income.

Human Resource Management

In this presentation on Human Resource Management, we are going to discuss its functions, HRM-HRD Relationship, Challenges and its importance for the prosperity of the firm. Human Resources are an organisation’s greatest assets. All other resources get connected through employees. To make employee deliver as per company objectives, they need to be properly selected, trained and motivated.

Functions Of Management - POSDCORB

This presentation on functions of management, discuss in detail various administrative and functional responsibilities of management that should be exhibited by the management for the smooth running of the organization. These responsibilities can be summarized into "POSDCORB". The acronym ""POSDCORB" stands for following aspects of administration. They are

Types of business organization

In this MBA presentation topic, we are going to discuss various types of business entities that can be started in India along with the rules and regulations associated with each firm. Different types of business organization are

Financial statements - Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss Account

In this MBA Seminar topic, we are going to look into various aspects of financial statement such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account. A financial statement can be termed as a collection of data organised based on logical and standard accounting procedures.

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